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[Read] ➶ 潮騒 [Shiosai] ➳ Yukio Mishima –

潮騒 [Shiosai] Set In A Remote Fishing Village In Japan, The Sound Of Waves Is A Timeless Story Of First Love It Tells Of Shinji, A Young Fisherman And Hatsue, The Beautiful Daughter Of The Wealthiest Man In The Village Shinji Is Entranced At The Sight Of Hatsue In The Twilight On The Beach And They Fall In Love When The Villagers Gossip Threatens To Divide Them, Shinji Must Risk His Life To Prove His Worth.

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    The fresh morning breeze blows through your face, the sun is rising in the far horizon An early ray of sunlight catches your vision and you feel temporarily overwhelmed by the gentle brightness of its glare but you welcome the comforting warmth caressing your skin The chirping of morning birds and the steady buzzing of insects melt into a unified chorus of vitality that invigorates your slowly rising spirit A smile comes to your lips You live a simple rural life, uncomplicated, fulfilling You labor during the day you rest at night your back sore and aching but your soul peaceful and contented This is the life of your ancestors, the life your father had, the life of his father before him, and the only kind of life they thought possible But then a sudden gust of wind covers the footprints they ve made and you find yourself astray drifting towards the crossroads of change, a scary but promising future forcing itself into your consciousness The sound of waves is a simple tale of a fisherman who falls in love with the beautiful daughter of the most prosperous man on their small island At th...

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    You must remember thisA kiss is still a kissA sigh is just a sighThe fundamental things applyAs time goes by The most enduring stories are often very simple Boy meets girl, they like each other, the world conspires to drive them apart, they remain faithful to each other and, in the end, they may be reunited or forever alone His name is Shinji, her name is Hatsue, but for most of the book they are referred to as the boy and the girl The boy is a poor fisherman whose father has been killed in the war, and now he has to work to support his mother and little brother The girl is a pearl diver who has been recalled home by her rich father after being sent for adoption a long time ago They live on a small island in the picturesque Gulf of Ise, their daily lives following a pattern set down since ancient times by the phases of the moon and the turning of the seasons Few of them are aware or care about the modern times and the sophistication of the mainland Japan Their lives are complete in their traditions and routines and their ambitions are narrow a boat, a house, children to carry on honouring the ancestors and the family name.The author quotes as h...

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    I m probably crazy and am imagining a considering feeling between Yukio Mishima and me I m feeling like he s a kindred spirit kind of author who wants the same kinds of things that I wanted Past tense, I mean For him, not me I want Pretend I m not crazy What if The Sound of Waves was a beautiful story about young love between two young and loving individuals Shinji, a simple guy who liked simple, pure at heart things like providing for his family and village Not simple life stuff like gossip and possession What if his girlfriend was Hatsue She s beautiful in the wake up and smell the flowers kind of way Sunny days and ocean horizons Uncomplicated goodness and babies smiling that s a real smile and you don t wonder if they just have gas I wasn t a nice baby the way my mom tells it I probably wasn t I probably just had gas But I like sunsets and watching fish underneath the water The way their mouths open and they breathe with gills I d want them to stay under there forever and never have to come up guess that rules out life as a simple fisher woman or diving woman, like Hatsue or Shinji s mother Their surroundings aren t as easy as that The seas don t part when it sees sea love It s earned like rain or stuff that happens with time Not grisly for ratings on the nature channel nature just real nature time I felt like Mishima wa...

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    Kinda BR with Lau and Shii P But the strange way in which love can torture the heart with desire was no longer a novel thing for him Mishima was a peculiar author and his uniqueness is reflected in Shinji and Hatsue s love story You can expect Mishima s commitment to the island with detailed, aesthetic descriptions just as much as to breasts and tanning Star crossed lovers are often fated and forced to chose between life and love so I thought I knew what to expect from The Sound of Waves What I was not expecting was to fall in love with the islanders Mishima illustrates the daily life of the diving women, the men relaxing at the bath house and the meetings of the Young Men s Association with such an ease Every single chapter is a little piece of a beautiful picture perfectly painted.Shinji s transformation from a shy kid to a brave, confident young man and his pure love towards Hatsue are the highlights of this stor...

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    Clearly, breasts fascinated Mishima Now that we ve established this or rather he did through a couple of scenes and descriptions This is a story that embraces modern sexuality and teenage angst, a love story involving a young fisherman, Shinji, and a rich man s daughter named Hatsue Where there is love, there is rivalry, for Shinji must deal with another boy who feels entitled to Hatsue As a result, conflict and gossip ensues and though deeply in love, Shinji and Hatsue find themselves constrained by the dating rules of their village Set within the small fishing village of Uta jima, there are lots of intricacies about the fishing life to be admired octopus fishing, seaweed diving, and .Even with Mishima s occasional bobble with metaphoric language, stylistically, this is a novel to be admired The imagery is affected by simple phrasing, the sense of longing and desire designed artfully through tone I could feel Shinji s yearning to be with Hatsue and vice versa Could feel the desperation and self loathe of Chiyoko, the young girl who had always thought of herself as ugly and invisible The simplicity of ordinary life is captured so beautifully here Even though you re reading about a small village where the most heightened activities include boats heading out in the mornings and returning in the evenings, and women going diving, it is still fulfilling This examination of innocent love and the male female dynamics is effective most likely because of the way Mi...

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    tiraf ediyorum Dalgalar n Sesi ne Mi ima dan yine bir Mi ima kitab okumak i in ba lad m ama arad m bulamad m Bu bulamamak k t bir ey de il bence, bir yazardan hep ayn kitab beklemek yazar n yarat c l n k s tlayan bir ey Al kanl klar n g z k r olsun, kitap boyunca k t bir olay bekledim, de il mi ki yozla m , ahlaks z, k klerinden kopuk bir toplumda ya yor ve eyliyorduk bir hikayenin mutlu sonla bitmemesi laz md G z m s rekli bat l gibi giyinmi ya da bat tarz bir evde ya ayan pislikler arad ama yazar n bu g zelli i kirletmeye niyeti yoktu.Neyse kitaba gelelim konu basit bir a k hikayesi, hatta Ye il am klasi i fakir o lan zengin k z birlikteli i ve do urdu u sorunlar Az k t adamlar, dedikodular, iyi insanlar ve a k gence yard m eden di er fakirler Bu bilindik hikaye Mi ima n n anlat m g c , tasvirleri ve renkleri ile g leniyor Ada ve insanlar bu a k hikayesinin yan karakterleri olmaktan te kendi dertleri ve tasalar i inde karakter olarak ortaya k yor.Kitab okurken, Mi ima y k m sonras Japonya s nda bu kadar saf bir hikayeyi yazmaya neden ihtiya duydu diye ok d nd m ve eski yani art k lm Japonya n n s radan insanlar ve basit ya amlar na son bir sayg duru u abas olarak yorumlad m Zira Mi ima n n yazd her eyin edebiyat d nda da bir st anlam oldu una inan yorum Bu a k hikayesine mekan olarak Ada y se mesi de b ylelikle ba ka bir boyut kazan yor nk bu anlat y olanakl ve inan l r k lan ey Kutsal Japon denizi i...

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    , .

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    This was an endearing book about how a boy meets a girl It reminded me of Romeo and Juliet a bit although with a much happier ending.

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    di er kitaplar ndan farkl g r lse de Mi ima derinli inin buram buram hissedildi i bir kitapt yine Pastoral romantik bir anlat mla devam ederken bir de bakm s n z b l m sonunda sizi yle bir tasvir kar lam ki allak bullak olmu sunuz Mi ...

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    H d cadas que n o lia um livro de Y Mishima Gra as ao Bookcrossing, relembrei como gosto deste autor a prosa limpa, que se traduz em imagens concretas e claras, sem rodeios nem artif cios De alguma forma, faz me lembrar Hemingway, outro autor que lia muito nessa mesma poc...

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