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[PDF] ✈ Wishing for Snow: A Memoir ⚣ Minrose Gwin –

Wishing for Snow: A MemoirIn This Brave And Beautifully Composed Tribute To Her Mother, Minrose Gwin Accomplishes Something Rare In The Craft Of The Memoir Not Merely A Record Of A Devastating Mother Daughter Relationship But A Redemptive Act Of Artistic Witness As Well In Telling The Story Of Her Mentally Ill Poet Mother, Erin Taylor Clayton Pitner, Gwin Looks Backward And Forward At A Southern Family, Linking Personal And Cultural Malaise While Also Attempting To Envision The Person Her Mother Longed To Be, The Woman Gwin Never Knew Erin Taylor Wasn T Always Crazy Her Childhood Diary From 1930 Reveals A Cheerful, Observant Mississippi Girl Who Steadfastly Wished For Snow, Though Usually It Didn T Come And When It Came It Didn T Stick From A Dreamy College Student To A Young Divorced Mother Who Then Remarried, Grew Middle Aged, And Began To Write And Publish Poetry, Erin Taylor Spiraled Deeper And Deeper Into The Psychosis That Eventually Defined Her Existence Until Her Death From Ovarian Cancer Gwin Searches For Her Mother Amid The Poetry, Letters, Recipes, Traffic Tickets, Newspaper Clippings, Medical Reports, And Quixotic Lists Left Behind With Humor, Intrigue, And Sadness, Her Compelling Memo

[PDF] ✈ Wishing for Snow: A Memoir ⚣ Minrose Gwin –
  • Hardcover
  • 232 pages
  • Wishing for Snow: A Memoir
  • Minrose Gwin
  • English
  • 05 March 2019
  • 9780807129289

    10 thoughts on “[PDF] ✈ Wishing for Snow: A Memoir ⚣ Minrose Gwin –

  1. says:

    This is one of the inventive and surprising memoirs I ve read Growing up in Mississippi in the 1920s and 30s, Gwin s mother wanted nothing than for it to snow That air of wistfulness, of nostalgia tinged with bitterness, pervades the whole book By the time her mother, Erin Clayton Pitner, a published though never particularly successful poet, died of ovarian cancer in the 1980s, their relationship was a shambles Erin s mental health was shakier than ever she stole flowers from the church altar, frequently ran her car off the road, and lived off of canned green beans and she never forgave Minrose for having had her committed to a mental hospital So what I did was this I locked up the woman who gave me birth and I was glad of it I have no excuse I might well do it again Be wary of me I m not a person you d want around if you went crazy Were you the evil one, Mother Was I You died thinking I was your enemy It s a story of loss but also of inheritance, starting with the alternating names Minrose came from her grandmother, also Minrose, who was named after two maiden aunts, Minerva and Rose Erin Taylor was named for her grandmother Poring over Erin s childhood diaries and adulthood vocabulary notebook, photographs, the letters and cards that pass...

  2. says:

    I read this because the author was my college mentor I found it fascinating because I knew her I don t know if it would have been as compelling without that connection, though I can t really remember much about the book now.

  3. says:

    I enjoyed the second half of this memoir better than the first part because there was so much family history to display of the author s mother and her family.The poems written by the author s mother and the mother s early diary entries as a young girl were especially lovely 3 17 2018

  4. says:

    Gwin s memoir about her crazy mother whom she commits than once is really a form meets content exploration of grief and guilt And like grief, it doesn t progress logically through time it s disorderly, rambling, funny, frustrating and acute In the first paragraph alone the narrator moves from herself to her mother to her mother s birth which occurs at the time of day when overripe figs tremble and slip to earth without a sound Still in the same paragraph, we hear about yellow jackets who straddle, lick and thrust, and we end by learning how...

  5. says:

    Actually, I think I d give this book 2 and a half stars The story itself was interesting, about the author s mother and how her progressively worse mental illness affected her family Her mother was also a poet, and many of the poems are included in the book However, I often found Gwi...

  6. says:

    Ufda Tough book for me to get through Just not a good fit for me, i guess

  7. says:

    sad intense necessary it matters to talk about this subject and this author does so in a painfully honest and beautiful way.

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