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[PDF] ❤ False God of Rome (Vespasian, #3) ✮ Robert Fabbri –

False God of Rome (Vespasian, #3) Vespasian Is Serving As A Military Officer On The Outskirts Of The Roman Empire, Suppressing Local Troubles And Defending The Roman Way But Political Events In Rome Tiberius S Increasingly Insane Debauchery, The Escalating Grain Crisis Draw Him Back To The City.When Caligula Becomes Emperor, Vespasian Believes That Things Will Improve Instead, He Watches The Young Emperor Deteriorate From Rome S Shining Star To A Blood Crazed, Incestuous, All Powerful Madman Lavish Building Projects, Endless Games, Public Displays Of His Relationship With His Sister, Drusilla, And A Terrified Senate Are As Nothing To Caligula S Most Ambitious Plan To Bridge The Bay Of Neapolis And Ride Over It Wearing Alexander S Breastplate And It Falls To Vespasian To Travel To Alexandria And Steal It From Alexander S Mausoleum.Vespasian S Mission Will Lead To Violence, Mayhem And Theft And In The End, To A Betrayal So Great It Will Echo Through The Ages.

[PDF] ❤ False God of Rome (Vespasian, #3)  ✮ Robert Fabbri –
  • Hardcover
  • 414 pages
  • False God of Rome (Vespasian, #3)
  • Robert Fabbri
  • English
  • 11 March 2019
  • 9780857897411

    10 thoughts on “[PDF] ❤ False God of Rome (Vespasian, #3) ✮ Robert Fabbri –

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    Jerusalem, April 33AD RING ANY BELLS And so starts our prologue with a familiar taleForward 18 months to the Roman province of Cyrenaica that s modern day eastern coastal region of Libya enter Vespasian along with Marcus of the crossroads brotherhood, who wants to go hunting Lions Then a fair maiden appears we re off into the desert wilds to rescue a solitary Roman citizen Trader come Circus manager, that is he purchases wild beasts for the arena Its all boys own stuff not the political nous of the first two books at allSome of Vespasian s dialogue transcends into modern day vernacularism which does take away from the read for my mind is a different character as portrayed in the first two books. Felt like I was reading about Macro Cato there for a minute. them of Scarrow fame, a far jaunty up at em kinda read in their adventure tale scenarios maybe its his close proximity to Marcus that brings this side out in him but Vespasian s character is not what I expected which takes up the first 1 3rd of the book mind he is ONLY 25 or so away from home for the first time. so the adventurous side is plausible, perhaps even the naivety at times The adventure over in the wilds of the desert we reBack in Rome for Part II one annoyance in this book is that the author gets his Roman numerals wrong For instance Chapter 9 he puts as VIIII not IX as it should be Authenticity gripe over arise the Vespasian of the politics that we know love from the prior books, the plot as uncovered...

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    With Tiberius dead, all eyes including Vespasian s turn to the young, handsome, charismatic Caligula Although there are concerns over his excesses, surely they must be exaggerated Alas, they are not The young Emperor raised in the household of the perverted and jaded Tiberius knows no boundaries He also resents the patrician Senatorial families whom he blames for the death of his father, Germanicus The result is a descent into the worst of the human depravity.The half mad, perverted, angry Emperor explodes onto Rome Respectable men and women from patrician families are raped at dinners by Caligula and his friends Senators are murdered on a whim Caligula builds a theater where his sister, Drusilla, performs in front of an audience He pimps out his other sisters He squanders a fortune and drains the treasury on games and events He declares himself a god and makes people worship him.The great and powerful families find themselves fuming and powerless They all hate Caligula, but they fear him They all know where power comes from the Praetorian Guard The Praetorians know it too With an Emperor they...

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    This is one of my favourite series of Roman historical fiction, tracing the life and career of Vespasian who achieved the extraordinary he survived the reigns of a run of insane emperors before assuming the purple himself In this third volume, we reach the reign of Caligula with all the horror and pe...

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    3.5 starsI was less taken with this episode the plot was becoming very odd and Vespasian was coming across like a bit of a prat and thought the series might be going off the boil already however, by the end I was enrapt again and Caligula is about to be assassinated So, I continue

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    Robert Fabbri seems to be documenting, pretty much minute by minute, the career of Vespasian Vespasian is a pretty well known historical character That is the problem, I guess, with writing about a historical figures how to keep the excitement up, given that your readers most probably know how their story ends, or when the person died So this incident here, in book x of x, clearly isn t gonna kill him So how to keep me on the edge of my seat knowing that Robert Fabbri has done a really excellent job so far, doing just that, keeping the excitement and interest and generally here, he continues that good work.We re on book three of nine, I think I ve seen him say , it is AD33 and Vespasian s brother Sabinus is out in the province of Judea And you know what happened in AD33 34 in Judea Yes, that There is a fair bit about the new religion of Christianity, with some very good points made, however, the arrest, trial and execution of Yeshua feel than a little awkward Trying to shoehorn Gospel references into the narrative as Vespasian s older brother turns out to be the one who, by demanding his death on behalf of the Senate, caused Jesus crucifixion, doesn t really work Especially in th...

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    ReviewSometimes going to the TBR to be read pile can be a chore, how do you pick a book from so many genre s and often so much class But then there are a few authors who just leap to the top of the pile and take that need for choice away Robert Fabbri is one such author and his Vespasian series to date has been well told and action packed So how does this latest 3rd part of the tale compare As usual we follow Vespasian, possibly in my opinion either the luckiest or sharpest General Emperor Rome ever had This man outlived one of the most insane periods of Roman history as well as being very successful General, he then went on to be one the greatest Emperors of Rome This book as well as the first two of the series is set in his early life He has now made it to Jerusalem, his brother is now a Quaestor and is embroiled in the ever present politics and struggle between the Jews and the Roman invaders Vespasian himself is off in the desert carrying out his own dangerous mission and back in Rome the arch nutbag Caligula has his own m...

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    Yet again, another book I d give 4 stars to Compared to the previous two, this outing is lot grittier, a lot dirtier and decidedly savage To be expected, as it deals with the rise of Caligula and his murderous lunacy and the Jewish revolt in Alexandra of 38 AD.Still, it s superb historical fiction, and we gain insight into one of Rome s warrior emperors in Vespasian and how he compromises his p...

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    A good if relatively unremarkable and pedestrian book It s well written with believable human characters and historical events It just doesn t have the potency or adrenaline fix you get with other Roman fiction set around the early 1st century ACE.It s the kind of book that you could compare with a made for TV swords and sandals epic that you could easily enjoy, you just wouldn t particularly be all that moved or inspired...

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    Buchmeinung zu Robert Fabbri Vespasian Der falsche Gott Vespasian Der falsche Gott ist ein Historischer Roman von Robert Fabbri, der 2019 bei Rowohlt Taschenbuch in der bersetzung von Anja Sch nemann erschienen ist Der Titel der englischen Originalausgabe lautet False God of Rome und ist 2013 erschienen Dies ist der dritte Band um Vespasian Ich bin der ungek rzten Lesung von Erich Wittenberg gefolgt, die im Audiobuch Verlag erschienen ist.Zum Autor Robert Fabbri, geboren 1961, lebt in London und Berlin Er arbeitete nach seinem Studium an der University of London 25 Jahre lang als Regieassistent und war an so unterschiedlichen Filmen beteiligt wie Die Stunde der Patrioten , Hellraiser , Hornblower und Billy Elliot I Will Dance Aus Leidenschaft f r antike Geschichte bemalte er 3 500 mazedonische, thrakische, galatische, r mische und viele andere Zinnsoldaten und begann schlie lich zu schreiben Mit seiner epischen historischen Romanserie Vespasian ber das Leben des r mischen Kaisers wurde Robert Fabbri in Gro britannien Bestsellerautor.Klappentext Das Jahr 34 n Chr Vespasian dient am Rande des Imperiums, bis er endlich nach Rom zur ckkehren darf Unerwartet ereilt Kaiser Tiberius der Tod, und Caligula ...

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    Vespasian has a lot to deal with in this third book in the series unrest in Rome caused by grain shortages, unrest in the Judean province caused by religious conflict oh and Caligula taking power in Rome.I like the fact that, along with the usual political scheming, we see Vespasian struggling with his conscience Caligula is clearly not fit to rule, but his power is such that Vespasian and others are forced to play along with his madcap schemes and applaud his debauchery in order to keep their heads attached to their bodies Of course, this does not sit well with our idealistic hero but it does illustrate the violent reality of the Roman imperial family How far do you sacrifice your standards in the name of survival And how could senators and Praetorians sleep at night knowing they were doing nothing to stop the madman Characters that are familiar from the previous two books are present and correct although it does make it a little difficult for anyone to read this as a standalone novel You need to have read the previous two in order to make sense of some of the references to previous events and characters.I also liked the way it weaves in the aspect about the emergence of Christianity and how that was initially viewed by the Romans and everyone else It allows for debate about the true nature and pu...

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