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✅ Me Before You PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Jojo Moyes –

Me Before YouThey Had Nothing In Common Until Love Gave Them Everything To Lose.Louisa Clark Is An Ordinary Girl Living An Exceedingly Ordinary Life Steady Boyfriend, Close Family Who Has Barely Been Farther Afield Than Their Tiny Village She Takes A Badly Needed Job Working For Ex Master Of The Universe Will Traynor, Who Is Wheelchair Bound After An Accident Will Has Always Lived A Huge Life Big Deals, Extreme Sports, Worldwide Travel And Now He S Pretty Sure He Cannot Live The Way He Is.Will Is Acerbic, Moody, Bossy But Lou Refuses To Treat Him With Kid Gloves, And Soon His Happiness Means To Her Than She Expected When She Learns That Will Has Shocking Plans Of His Own, She Sets Out To Show Him That Life Is Still Worth Living.A Love Story For This Generation, Me Before You Brings To Life Two People Who Couldn T Have Less In Common A Heartbreakingly Romantic Novel That Asks, What Do You Do When Making The Person You Love Happy Also Means Breaking Your Own Heart

✅ Me Before You PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Jojo Moyes –
  • ebook
  • 376 pages
  • Me Before You
  • Jojo Moyes
  • English
  • 02 August 2018
  • 9781101606377

    10 thoughts on “✅ Me Before You PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Jojo Moyes –

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    As much as I like a good love story, I wouldn t call myself a romantic Not by a long shot In fact, I can be pretty cold hearted when it comes to romance books, remaining emotionless in the face of tragic heartbreak and loss The Fault in Our Stars didn t move me Eleanor Park was cute, but still an average read for me There s just certain things that I don t like Emotionally manipulative books that feel as if the author set out with an agenda to tug at my heart strings that would be up there with the worst I guess I subconsciously rebel when I can see what the author s trying to do to my feelings I avoid a lot of adult chick lit for this reason because experience has shown that most of these books are like Lifetime movies melodramatic and cheesily message driven.But somehow despite my reluctance to try this book because it seemed it would fall into all the aforementioned boxes I ended up caving under the pressure and grabbing this book from my local library I didn t expect much I was just going to try a little bit and see how it wen...

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    I m sitting here with tears running down my face having just finished this book I know I should probably let my emotions settle before reviewing but I want to get all the feelings downFirstly I want to say that the cover does not do this book justice It gives the impression of a bland and fluffy read when in reality this is a heartbreaking story, with subject matter that may be difficult for a lot of readers The characters begin as likeable, yet maddeningly realistic in all their egocentricities and self absorptions As their fears and insights are exposed, they develop in strength and purpose to reveal rich individuals who are all irrevocably changed through the events which unfold I enjoyed the first person POV, and the odd change in character thrown in stirred the narrative nicely for me I would have liked to have had at least a chapter from Will s perspective, but can understand how challenging that may have been for the author I was really glad to have read Will s letter though I commend the author for producing a book which I found extremely readable the language was straight forward, no purple prose or a whole bunch of medical jargon The plot is relatively simple yet not uncomplicated for all that it raises some controversial or ethical questions How can you read this and not ask yourself what you might do in similar circumstances, how you would feel if it was your friend Could you be what they needed, and the moral impact of that The writing is smooth an...

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    Being a male reader on a booksite you kind of expect to be outnumbered when it comes to the sexes But that doesn t keep alarm bells from blaring like a convoy of reversing trucks when practically every reviewer of a book is of the female gender And when the author in addition is touted as the winner of multiple romance novel awards your primal male instinct is to run like your being chased by some primordial predator.So it was really against my instinct and better judgement that I began reading this book But this is NOT a romance novel In fact it is a brilliant comment on the issue of euthanasia which claims it s brilliance by reading like a romance novel and not a political comment Having personally cared for a handful of terminal people over a period of years, I feel I can safely say that many of the thoughts on serious aquired disabities and the quality of life is fairly realistic, ...

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    Did anyone else notice that the ultimate message of this book is that a disabled life is not worth living, even despite a caring family, endless wealth, the best medical care, and by the end of the book a devoted, loving romantic partner For a while I was enjoying the story, but by the end I was deeply distressed about the moral and ethical implications of the book s ending The book juxtaposes an adventurous, athletic, and sexually active lifestyl...

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    My video review discussion on this incredible book This was one of the best books I have ever read So good that it makes me want to lower the ratings of all of the other books I have read just so that this and maybe Clockwork Princess i...

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    Despite being a bit predictable, I adored this book I love the characters, and I sort of want to pick it back up and read it again I could have easily flown through this book in a day if I d had time , but I m glad I took my time with it I really...

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    This book showed love and it s beautiful nature but also the harsh reality of life.Totally sobbed at the endthinking about filming a review because I have a lot to say about this book.Very well done, heartbreakingly so

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    I had a hard time rating this book one star, because up until the end I really liked it But the end is the most important part of every book because it s what stays with you and after that I just can t bring myself to rate it anything but did not like it.I am honestly shocked after reading all those 5 reviews Not because people liked the book, but because people somehow manage to get something inspirational and romantic out of it Seriously I don t want to judge people for their opinion, but that s just disturbing Spoilers ahead Before I start, I want to say that I don t dislike this book because I m strictly against any and every form of assisted suicide It s a difficult subject with some valid arguments on both sides in some cases, at least I also don t have a problem with sad endings I have different reasons for disliking it.Like a lot of people, I cried at the end of this book, but unlike probably most, not out of sadness, but out of anger God, I was angryThen I get on here and I see people quoting the book Some mistakes Just have greater consequences than others But you don t have to let the resu...

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    This review contains spoilers So let s get started, shall we The first thing you should know is it s very rare that I give a book one star because I can usually find SOMETHING enjoyable about it But, that s not the case here There were absolutely no redeeming qualities in this book for me In fact, there were a total of two points and by points I mean singular lines in this book where I genuinely liked what was said The first was when Treena said, Oh, for Christ s sake, Lou For once in your life, just get a grip Page 347 and the second was when Louisa said, It s not my decision, Mum It s Will s, Page 350 Both of which, I had been screaming for the ENTIRE DURATION OF THE BOOK Apart from those two lines, everything else about this book made want to tear my hair out First, let s talk about the writing Before I started reading, I was under the impression that this book had beautiful prose, because that s what I d heard from countless people What I would consider beautiful writing i.e The Night Circus, Ava ...

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    There goes my heart.Hold on I need a few seconds to make sense of what happened I can t believe it I was warned it would come as a shock, and even the author gently glided our thoughts toward that idea, but I still felt that PANG in my chest when reading the ending.That s all I m going to say about that, for fear of spoiling anything for you.Louisa is a simple girl She works She cares for her family She does what she has to do She doesn t take risks or ever act recklessly It s not who she is her responsibilities come first.Will s playground is life itself He has a great job, a great girlfriend and the means to go wherever he wants and do whatever he desires.That is, before the accident happens Now, he s in a wheelchair, paralysed and dead inside The man he was before is gone, now he can t even recognize himself.When Louisa and Will meet, there is no love at first sight She is his new caregiver He is someone she can t decipher But the they spend time together, the Louisa discovers the wonders that life has to offer.I read Me Before You, expecting to discover the most poignant love story on earth.But I found something else instead This is the story of a twenty six year old woman who has no long term objective in life and doesn t think about her future She never left the country and stays away from anything remotely dangerous Will is determined to open her eyes to the unk...

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