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!!> Download ➺ The Suite Life ✤ Author Suzanne Corso –

The Suite Life From The Author Of A Brooklyn Story And One Of USA TODAY S Celebrated New Voices Of 2011, Comes A New Novel Which Exposes The Over The Top Decadence And Corruption Of Wall Street S Elite.Hailed As One Of USA Today S New Voices For Her 2011 Literary Debut, Brooklyn Story, Suzanne Corso Brings Back The True Female Voice The New York Times Of Aspiring Author Samantha Bonti In This Breathtaking Companion Novel.IT WAS THE DECADE OF BIG MONEY, BIG RISKS, BIG HAIR, AND BIG DREAMS AND THERE WAS ONLY ONE BIG CITY WHERE IT COULD ALL HAPPEN Growing Up In Brooklyn, Samantha Bonti Knew The Writer S Life She Was Meant To Live Waited Across The Bridge In Manhattan Summoning The Courage To Break Free From An Abusive Mobster Boyfriend, Sam Finally Leaves Bensonhurst And Begins Her New Life, Working As A Temp In A Wall Street Brokerage Firm Quickly, She S Swept Off Her Feet By Wall Street Player Alec DeMarco, A Man Of Boundless Energy, Appetites, Desires, And The Wealth To Indulge It All In A Whirlwind Courtship, Alec Showers Sam With Exquisite Gifts, The City S Finest Cuisine, Spontaneous Weekend Getaways, And, Most Of All, The Love And Security A Girl From An Unstable Brooklyn Upbringing Craves But When The Party S Over When Alec S High Flying Career Turns Litigious And The Big Money Is Left On The Table Will Love Be Enough To Sustain Them With Her Dream Of Publishing Her Novel Still Very Much Alive, Sam Can T Back Down Now She Must Choose The Life That S Most True To Who She Really Is Inside.

!!> Download ➺ The Suite Life  ✤ Author Suzanne Corso –
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • The Suite Life
  • Suzanne Corso
  • English
  • 01 June 2019
  • 9781451698183

    10 thoughts on “!!> Download ➺ The Suite Life ✤ Author Suzanne Corso –

  1. says:

    With this novel, I m willing to hold my pencil in my right hand and my ballot in my left hand and make a noncommittal commitment and say this was an average read for me It reminded me of hayrides and meandering joyrides It provided insights into a world where affection proved at a premium and offered up sexless marriages and ambition and ego that overshadowed all other experiences and problems It filled me with broken promises and unfulfilled dreams.Suzanne Corso lets her love of Brooklyn and The Big Apple and Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, congestion, population overflows, toll roads and toll bridges and bountiful high rises and dollar bills and cab rides, limos, Mercedes convertibles, and BMWs and stock options and Wall Street and Main Street shine through on the page What would a novel that includes the NYSE be, though, without acquisitions and mergers and accounting irregularities and power and authority and reckless greed and constant excess and careless abandon and penile injections and horny dogs and 20K a day porn stars In that regard, THE SUITE LIFE reminded me of Congress and the DC area.But this novel proved to be a bit than just A Gay Day Sure, it had the syrupy air and atmo...

  2. says:

    The Suite Life was interesting but nonetheless not very original and rather dull and predictable I liked the writing style but not the pace of the book or the generic, typical story.

  3. says:

    Growing up in Brooklyn, Samantha Bonti dreams of one day being a writer She found the courage to break free from her an abusive mobster and eventually finds the man of her dreams Alec is a successful Wall Street broker, but things are not as they seem and when he makes a risky business move, Sam is left scrambling to pick up the pieces of her crumbling fairy tale.This isn t really the type of book I would read but I liked the idea a novel about a writer, a mobster and a crumbling life That was enough to peek my interests and I thought it was enough of a risk for me to try Unfortunately it wasn t a book for me and I should have abandoned it but I persevered This novel didn t have enough to deal with the mobster ex boyfriend, which was one of my first disappointments I got a sense that Sam wasn t really as damaged by the relationship as the author wanted us to believe and I really struggled with that I actually thought Alec was damaging than the ex, with his emotional blackmail and need for control.Let s look at the relationship between Sam and Alec for a moment The relationship felt a little too much like Edward and Belle from Twilight I know some people think that is romantic but I really have a problem with it Ordering for your date can be romantic but when it is a first date and they hardly know each other, it just feel weird and out of place Also Alec felt t...

  4. says:

    I wanted to read Suzanne Corso s book because I m interested in how Wall Street operates particularly in light of the Madoff scandal Corso didn t give much insight into much than how phony and superficial the life style of people making huge megabucks really is The main character, Samantha Bonti, says all she wants is to be happy, eating popcorn in bed and watching old movies on TV with someone who loves her for who she is She says her main goal in life is to have a book she s worked on for years get published The problem is, her character is written as someone who, in spite of all kinds of testimonials about her strong sense of faith, doesn t seem very committed to much of anything long term Throughout the book I had the feeling I was missing something, and in fact, I was There was a previous book published about Samantha Bonti s life in which she became involved with a gangster and had a very contentious relationship with her mother Perhaps this story would have made sense to me had I read the first book Instead I was constantly put off by how stupidly Samantha went off with one...

  5. says:

    At first, I was not sure that I was going to like this as much as the first book, but the story held my interest Alec was an out of control character, who I knew had to be too good to be true I would get very annoyed by Samantha sometimes I felt ...

  6. says:

    This book is terrible.

  7. says:

    Don t waste your time Completely unbelievable.

  8. says:

    Received this book as an advance copy through net galley and devoured it in 3 days.

  9. says:

    This book chronicles the life of Samantha Bonti as she leaves relative poverty in Brooklyn for a wealthy Manhattan life with a Wall Street husband For the first hundred pages or so, the book is uneventful A woman who often refers to herself in the third person falls in love with a showy man whose main character traits are over eating and listening to Alanis Morissette Thankfully, the characters are subsequently fleshed out and become far interesting as the market crash hits and the family self destructs Samantha learns that there are rather too many parallels between her marriage and a previous relationship with a mobster If that had been done subtly, I might be enamoured with this book As it is, there is telling than showing The first person narrator frequently declares how clear the parallels are and repeats aphorisms I liked how linear the plot was It was generally accessible and an easy, quick read It has some lessons to teach about the perils of decadence and corruption and the importance of self reliance It has strong Christian themes, though relied too heavily on religiosity as a measure of good character It is a sequel, so perhaps I would have got from it if I had read the previous instalment I was interested enough to read it to the end Generally, I think this book is a casualty of bad branding or marketing I m sure there is a...

  10. says:

    The Suite LifeCorso, SuzanneThe suite life is a story of a young woman, who wrote a novel of her extraordinary survival being a mob girlfriend She has made a life of her own, despite all the restrictions she had from the old relation ship The heady way over the top world wind romance is dramatic in its scope and how drawn the main character is attracted to the overtly aggressive love of life leading man Her hinted at troubled childhood, difficult past relationships, makes her enduring as she struggles with seeing the reality before her The drawn out extremely morbid marriage, Alec s extravagance and neglect, his abusive obsessive drug addled nature makes the 12 first years of marriage similar to her abusive childhood The hardest part is her attempt to turn a blind eye to his behavior Her excuses and acceptance of his behavior only climax when his Wall Street financial world comes crashing down All his ostentatious belongings, and possessions are sold He is forced to borrow money to keep them into their small down sized apartment His depression and his self medication set him in a spiraling down fall o...

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