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[BOOKS] ⚡ To Love a Selkie ✯ Brandi Kennedy –

To Love a Selkie A Nasty Divorce Sends Annie Jacobs Running Fear Of Change And Embarrassment Over Her Ex Husband S Infidelity Drive Her To The Shores Of Bar Harbor, Maine Living Alone In A Whole New Town, Annie Takes Time Away From Her Work And Everything She S Ever Known, To Regain Some Of Her Confidence And Begin To Build A New Life A Life That Nearly Comes To A Crashing Halt In The Brutal Waves Of The Ocean.Breathing What Will Surely Be Her Last, Annie Prepares For A Lonesome Death, Trapped Among The Rocks Of The Shore As The Tide Rolls In Around Her Instead, She Finds Rescue In The Strong Arms Of A Mysterious Man Who Seems To Appear From The Very Waves Themselves He Pulls Her To The Surface, And In The Coming Weeks They Form An Inseparable Bond Despite Malik S Air Of Mystery.Drawn Together By The Circumstance Of An Ancient Legend, Will They Survive The Truth Of His Existence Or Will Malik S Reality Tear Them Apart Forever

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    I don t always have time to review books but I felt I had to with this one I liked that it was a bit different with Selkies not the normal shape shifters etc Our main character Annie is suffering from a divorce where her husband cheats on her with her best friend and she s pretty depressed Since she s a writer she decides to move to another place and its in Maine by the Ocean and she eventually decides to buy the house She s slowly regaining her confidence, especially after she almost drowns and Malik saves her and then cares for her and stays with her for weeks since she got sick after being rescued It was neat seeing a woman who d lost her self confidence because of a man and then having a new man who appreciated her for who she was.Annie eventually discovers Malik is really a selkie and she had found his pelt by the ocean after he saved her, but at the time she didn t realize what it was Eventually she discovers his secret and tells him she knows and he leaves her for two weeks but then comes back telling her he choses her over the sea and that they need to burn his pelt because he wants to stay with her and love her and not even be tempted to be called back into the sea All is good until this point. MAJOR...

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    Author Brandi Kennedy has really done it again with the debut of her Selkie trilogy, simply titled Selkie It is a great mix of romance with a lot of action that speeds you through the book.Annie comes home to find her husband and best friend next door neighbor as well on the table together having sex That day, she lost two important people in her life Tired of the pitying looks from those around town, she packs up her car and drives to a new place that feels right to her, Bar Harbor She finds a great beach house where she can unwind, continue to write and not have to look at those familiar faces.She comes across a cute seal while combing the beaches looking for something to photograph Suddenly, one day she is pulled into the water and can t swim She is miraculously saved and the strange man that saved her stays around to make her well again after the incident The two fall in love but will the turmoil between them and around them push them together or tear them apart This is another, and probably the best of all of Ms Kennedy s books that I ve read so far She takes you along on a great journey of love, self discovery, loss and reconciliation I found myself unable to put the book down and would often lose myself in reading I found myself being pulled through ...

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    I didn t really know what to expect from this book, but I ended up reading it in one sitting Brandi did a really good job developing her characters and making them believable Annie and Malik s story is tragic and sweet and you find yourself being sucked into their worl...

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    A well written Romeo and Juliet type book I thought the characters were well developed, and Annie was easy to relate to I am looking forward to future works from this author.

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    To Love A Selkie is one of those romance novels that you are gently swaying with as the story of Annie begins We are given the inner turmoils and insecurities of our main leading lady after she has decided to move on with her life after her nasty divorce She has this strong voice in her head that keeps telling her all the things that are wrong with her and getting her to realize that the voice is her ex husband and she needs to move on is all part of the journey She slowly comes to finding a little bit of trust is still there and she can befriend another woman She longs for a female best friend again and watching her grow to finally grasp that is heart warming Now I m not going to drive you into the make believe that this romance is all pretty and full of happy ever afters It s not It s a tragic story that has left many readers upset and have left this book with a low rating Now, if you ve been here before you know how I feel about that I m not one for agreeing to put a low rating on a book because the author didn t give you the ending you ...

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