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Kissing Under the MistletoeRegan Martin Stopped Believing In Christmas Miracles Six Years Ago When She Lost Everything Her House, Her Job, And Her Impeccable Reputation In The Wine Industry After She Fell In Love With A Man She Had No Idea Was Married Then Regan Gets A Chance For A Fresh Start In The Napa Valley With Her Dream Job, Dream Home, And Her Daughter Enrolled In A Wonderful New School, She Starts Wondering If Holiday Wishes Really Do Come True.But She Soon Tumbles Back Down To Earth When She Learns That Her New Boss Is None Other Than Gabe DeLuca, The Scorned Wife S Brother Gabe Wants Nothing Than Home Wrecking Regan Martin Out Of His Life, His Sister S World, And His Family S Business Mostly, He Wants The Lush Beauty Out Of His Head Yet His Attempts To Run Her Out Of Town Have Him Thinking Twice, Especially When He Sees That Regan May Hold The Key To Tracking Down His Sister S Stolen Start Up Capital Even Worse For Gabe, Regan Might Just Be His Christmas Wish And Hold The Key To His Heart.

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    4 1 2 Randolph Stars I loved this story Best Christmas story for me this year Gage and Regan are combustible Holly is so sweet and an adorable child The DeLuca family is quite interesting I will definitely continue this series Happy reading

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    Buddy read with Aly MaruWhen Regan fell in love with Richard she had no idea that it would cost her everything, she didn t even know he was already married until she was five months pregnant with his child When Richard vanished Regan was left broken hearted and alone to raise their daughter At least his wife Abby had her family to support her and when Abby s brothers were unable to find the cheating husband they were happy to take out their anger on his mistress For the last 6 years the DeLuca men have made Regan s life miserable costing her countless jobs and ruining her reputation in the wine industry But this Christmas things are finally looking up for Regan and she has been offered her dream job and the chance to start over in a new town where she can build a life for herself and her daughter Holly What she doesn t realise is that her new boss will be Gabe, the oldest of the DeLuca clan and the man behind everything that has happened to her Gabe wants nothing than to protect his sister Abby and that means getting Regan away from their home town fast He isn t going to let anything get in t...

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    Many uninteresting misunderstandings, adding troubles upon troubles for poor Regan Supposed to be humorous.Some readers will enjoy this type of humor in a slapstick sort of way, but it did not work for me I was impatient, wanting it to be over.Regan is a single mom who has been unable to find work in her field wine marketing for six years because Gabe repeatedly sabotages her career He is wealthy and influential in the wine industry Regan s goal in life is providing the best she can for her daughter Holly Regan does stupid things and makes stupid choices which snowball into problems.The story opens with stupidity Regan sees Gabe in a grocery story She s so upset that she walks out of the store without paying for her purchase Then she damages Gabe s car by running her grocery cart into it and throws several small statues from the nearby Christmas display at his car causing a broken window, dents, and scratches He watches her do this Then she puts one of the statues Randolph a reindeer in her trunk and drives away The subject of who will pay for the damages to his car and the statues never comes up in the book The town is upset at the theft of Randolph, with the sheriff planning to arrest the thief.Randolph in her car trunk causes repeated problems for Regan Notices are posted asking for help to fi...

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    3.5 not quite 4 starsThis was a completely adorable, perfect for this time of year read There was just the right amount of conflict to keep the story going Lots of cute moments.

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    his book had me scratching my head.Regan Martin had the bad misfortune at the age of 19 to fall in love with a smooth talking man who was already married She did not know this and was as much a victim of his perfidy as his wife Except the wife has a large and loving family who will do anything to protect her Since the cheating husband has taken a powder and disappeared to parts unknown, all the considerable ire of the vengeance seeking clan falls on the head of the hapless Regan.The book picks up six years later Regan, who happens to work in the same industry as the DeLuca family the family of the wronged wife has found herself blackballed and unable to find a job Every time she gets an interview, the oldest DeLuca brother Gabe somehow manages to get to the prospective employer and poor Regan finds herself without prospects again.However Regan finally gets a break She gets a job at a small start up winery in Napa valley and it includes a place to live This couldn t have come at a better time because Regan is down to the fumes of her savings account ...

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    Just AWFUL More supposedly professional people acting like preteens The book opens with a woman shoplifting, vandalizing a car and assaulting someone That s supposed to be a COMICAL scene Then we get lots of talk about dicks and hard nipples andit s just juvenile and turns any feeling of romance into sheer lowbrow lust There are certain words that kill romance for me in fiction dick is the worst offender This really is a Frankenstein novella It s marketed as a holiday romance but then it talks like erotica And the adversity faced by the heroine is far too melodramatically bad for light category romance Add to that the fact that impla...

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    3.5 5.0There are parts of this story I absolutely loved and parts that drove me nuts First the parts I love Ms Adair s writing It pulls the reader into the story and uncovers all the emotions layer by layer until one can actually feel Regan s humiliation and despair and Gabe s frustration and anger It is rich and emotional One can t help but feel for Regan and her struggles And, her daughter Holly is absolutely adorable.The parts that drove me nuts I HATED how horribly Gabe treated Regan Good grief Sabatoging all her jobs for six years until she is borderline destitute He, nor any of his family ever took the time to hear her side of the story rather they all Gabe included do the most despicable things with only half the information He never truly trusted her and the final blow was the most infuriating of all It made the quick, I m sorry , kiss and make up the...

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    2.5ish I ll round up A secret baby with a twist since the H is not the father, but the the brother in law of the father.The heroine was 19 when the H s 30 year old brother in law seduced her and made her believe he loved her She didn t live in the same town as the wife, so she didn t know he was married She made a stupid, naive mistake and ended up pregnant and alone when the guy skips town She was horrified to learn the man was married She wasn t a heartless homewrecker, but the H basically ruined her life for 6 years over her mistake.Much of this is a rant I posted on a forum Sorry I wasn t original, but I m lazy today.This was an odd one I ve never read anything by the author before and she is pretty good The book flowed and she can be witty Then again, the tone was bizarre It attempted to be a fluffy romcom, but the issues were much too weighty for a fluffy romcom I d have bought it if the H s actions had been toned down The initially firing 6 years before sure Being a sarcastic jerk to her when she moved back to town sure Having her blackballed and ruining her life for 6 years really IMHO if the author wanted to go with the fluffy romcom Christmas special, she should have dialed way back on the h s suffering and the darn pitifullness of a little girl just wanting a home and a cat that just broke my heart If she wanted to keep the suffering, then there needed t...

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    DNF and returned to Audible So much of the beginning of this story just did not add up and was just silly.

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    This is another one of those romances set in a small town where all of the residents are monstrous, and the book ends with the h finally getting accepted by a group of hypocrites.This book REALLY bugged me, because basically it boiled down to the h getting slut shamed, repeatedly, by EVERYONE The author made her wear sackcloth and ashes even as she was supposedly so feisty The H was the chief architect of her s...

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