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[PDF] ↠ The Twelfth Keeper (Twelfth Keeper, #1) Author Belle Malory –

The Twelfth Keeper (Twelfth Keeper, #1) When Sixteen Year Old Kennedy Mitchell Is Proclaimed The World S Last Keeper, She Thinks It S A Cruel Joke Come On Her Impossible She S No Warrior She Isn T Wise Beyond Her Years, Or Importantly, Capable Of Keeping Earth Safe.Exceptno One Will Listen And Since All Evidence Says Otherwise, The Job Is Hers Whether She Likes It Or Not.During The Highly Demanding Training Regime That Follows, Kennedy Struggles To Fit In With Earth S Renowned Protectors Especially Phoenix Jorgensen, Who Openly Despises Her Problem Is, He May Be The Only One She Can Trust The Keepers Have Big Secrets Surrounding Them Secrets Kennedy Isn T Comfortable Knowing, Much Less Being Apart Of With Phoenix S Help, She Ll Have To Find A Way Out.Either That, Or Die Trying.

[PDF] ↠ The Twelfth Keeper (Twelfth Keeper, #1)  Author Belle Malory –
  • Paperback
  • 292 pages
  • The Twelfth Keeper (Twelfth Keeper, #1)
  • Belle Malory
  • English
  • 08 July 2018
  • 9781482052725

    10 thoughts on “[PDF] ↠ The Twelfth Keeper (Twelfth Keeper, #1) Author Belle Malory –

  1. says:

    I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review I must start by saying that just because the main characters name, Kennedy, is the same as my last name that was only one small reason why I loved this book and the hot leading man being named Phoenix with a sexy British accent sure didn t hurt either I confess I have not read many books about aliens and space but I am glad I read this one I will be continuing this series as the world created was so easy to live in, I could imagine myself up in space living on Olympus looking down at the rest of the world, easily relating to Kennedy s wonder, loneliness and disbelief she could be so powerful I liked Kennedy she was just trying to be a normal girl after losing her Dad, leaving a stressed out single mother willing to fight for Kennedy, but Kennedy puts aside her doubts to try and make like easier for her mother and siblings, going to Olympus to train as the twelfth keeper even when she believes it to be impossible, I liked how her indifference kept her...

  2. says:

    I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review This was a great read by Belle Malory I found it hard to classify it into just one genre It was sci fi, dystopian and even a little bit paranormal and I loved every bit of it I liked the whole idea of the charcters living in a space station, it was fresh scenery for me lol I felt like the author did a great job to describe the location and the events that take place in the novel but there are also a lot of unanswered questions I would have liked to learn about each of the twelve keepers, I felt like we only get to know Kennedy and a little about Pheinix and even less about the others I think this series will be epic because there are so many areas for the author to touch on.Kennedy is a brave and selfless character She did something she was uncomfortable doing to help out her family, in other words she took one for the team She also believes in doing what is right even if it almost gets you killed.i can t wait to continue the series to watch Kennedy grow Phoenix is a mysterious character, but over the course of the novel slowly begins to let down his walls And I am falling for hi...

  3. says:

    2.5 StarsSo many mixed feelings about this book I loved the concept of this one Kids who were born from the spirit of one of the 12 constellations and carry elemental powers to help keep the world safe That s pretty awesome With that said I have quite few problems with the book.First is the setting I had no idea what the hell was going on till about halfway through They had cars that drove themselves, bracers and fancy hospitals I had no clue what year it is, and still don t for that matter I don t know if I m supposed to be thinking that it s the same Earth only in the future or just a completely different world Then we have the conflict cause it wasn t really a conflict till the end of the book They just basically mentioned the warring alien race in like 2 scenes and that s it The book was really about Kennedy coming to terms with who she is and who she is becoming Which I don t have a problem with My problem stems from the fact that they kept calling them Keepers and I didn t know what they were keeping till halfway through the book I didn t even know there were aliens involved till they finally said that DOE was the Defense of Extraterrestrials Then I was like OHHH But yeahAs I mentioned before this was really about Kennedy coming to terms with who she is and boy...

  4. says:

    Belle Mallory has a talent for taking us on fantastical journeys, whether it be into the mysterious lives of gypsies or the near future I loved this story for its heroine in all her sweetness and faults It was refreshing to read a story where the lead isn t already a sassy confident hero And even rewarding when...

  5. says:

    2.5 3 starsI m glad I one clicked this Frankly, the world building wasn t perfect I couldn t clearly picture this world Kennedy was living in But, the concept of the Twelve Keepers or Protectors of Earth based on their Zodiac signs, was incredibly unique, intriguing, and dare I say, original YES major points for originality However, it would ve been great if the characterization was fleshed out I also would ve preferred the multiple FIRST PERSON POVs but that s just a personal preference Also, there s a lack of dialogue between her and Phoenix But, I didn t mind too much because his POV is included, so at least I got to know what he was thinking and feeling, despite his harsh attitude Then, the soul mate trope comes into play as a part of the romance I d like to say that it s cheesy, and too clich d for my tastes, but I really love the idea behind soul mates yes, I m a hopeful romantic, bite me The predicament Phoenix finds himself in is similar to Alex s in Half Blood But what I hated in Alex s case although I absolutely LOVED Aiden , was that she was SO opposed to Seth not only because she already gave her heart to Aiden, but because she felt like it was FORCED But what s beautiful about fate is that it s both...

  6. says:

    It s nice to find a good sci fi fantasy book with ideas that haven t been done to death Spoiler alerts I really liked the whole concept of the elementals and I liked Phoenix and Kennedy too Although, I wish she would ve tried to use her gifts soonerI think it wasn t until the book was at 80% I would ve liked to see of her using her gift but I guess that will be in the sequels I thought the showdown in the tunnels and her in ...

  7. says:

    It was a very compelling read ,i was too curious that i couldnt stop reading for a whole day ,The twelve keepers has an intriguing concept ,plus an amazing mc ,honestly maybe my favorite kinda of MC so far,she was Very selfless ,kind,humble ,she did deny a lot but honestly who could blame her i would do the same that just makes her even realistic ,but i wish if the book was detailed,it will help me enjoy the world the author created but it was very limited,and the supporting characters felt short,their presence was very weak but Phoenix made up for it I enjoyed their hate love thingy and then it turned to a soul mate thingy and i was like who cares about world building but i still wanted to see her training in details compat,etc ,and the ending was rushed i wanted to see a bit action by the end of the b...

  8. says:

    I thought The Twelfth Keeper was great my kind of YA reading This book has been out since 2013 and I m surprised people haven t discovered it.Why I loved this story 1 It s written in a basic way with a good flow easy to understand and I didn t have to keep looking back to figure out what I missed.2 I learned about the main character in a natural way Her past unfolded throughout the story.3 The main character began as a shy girl with low self esteem, but she still had the courage and sense to put the needs of others before her own.4 The people around her believe she s nothing special boy, does she show them 5 The love interest is just that interesting Parts of the book are written from his point of view, so I got a chance to understand his inner struggle and resistance to falling for her.6 There was a mixture of futuristic elements and technology that made the story neat, but the author chose to introduce these elements as is with minimal description that ...

  9. says:

    I was so pleasantly surprised by this book The story was well done and engaging The characters were simple to empathize with and like My only real complaint would have to be the quickness and simplicity with which the story was wrapped up.There was a lead in to the next book, but it wasn t a cliff hanger You could easily read this as a stand alone.My thoughts here on reviewers feeling left out of the world building process I prefer a world that leaves out the big picture and presents the little details in a natural flow Taking time out of the story to explain the process by which cars evolved into self driving would have been a drag on the flow People don t natu...

  10. says:

    InterestingUnique futuristic look at what integration with other species from outside our realm could look like The visual description of one species was very sparse and no interaction occurred in the book I would have liked to see that included in the space station as characters there possibly ...

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