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☉ The Cleric Quintet Collector's Edition (Forgotten Realms: The Cleric Quintet, #1-5) PDF / Epub ❤ Author R.A. Salvatore –

The Cleric Quintet Collector's Edition (Forgotten Realms: The Cleric Quintet, #1-5)New York Times Bestselling Author R.A Salvatore S Cleric Quintet Novels, Now In A Trade Paperback Collector S Edition Set In The Immensely Popular Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, New York Times Bestselling Author R A Salvatore S Popular Five Book Series About A Heroic Cleric Are Now Available In A One Volume Collectible Trade Paperback Characters From This Series Have Crossed Over Into Salvatore S Bestselling Legacy Of The Drow And Paths Of Darkness Series, Giving The Classic Cleric Quintet Novels Renewed Interest For Salvatore S Devoted Legions Of Fans.

    10 thoughts on “☉ The Cleric Quintet Collector's Edition (Forgotten Realms: The Cleric Quintet, #1-5) PDF / Epub ❤ Author R.A. Salvatore –

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    While I cannot bring myself to read much of RA Salvatores work any the Drizzt Dark Elf saga has been steadily becoming and repetitive and nauseating as time passes, and I gave up completely after The Companions in which all Drizzts dead companions are brought back to life, effectively negating decades of canon , I actually found this series refreshing.While the Drizzt saga obviously focuses on Drizzt, I found this book to be of an ensemble cast, where each character is just as interesting to me as the rest Cadderly especially is a refreshing, likable protagonist, and it s enjoyable to watch him and his comrades grow o...

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    Previous series The Dark Elf Trilogy, Icewind Dale Trilogy, and Legacy of the Drow.Though Drizzt is not actually in this series, some of the main characters end up in future series, so I d recommend reading it before Paths of Darkness etc.Following this series is the Paths of Darkness series.I believe that R.A Salvatore is one of my favorite authors I didn t realize how much I enjoyed the fight scenes until I read other fantasy and felt like the battles were lacking in dep...

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    3.5 of 5 stars.This book was in many was better than the Drizzt series The characters are relatable to the average reader and the main character faces a battle many of us do One of faith and religion The book is written in typical Salvatore fashion, it goes deep into the characters mental and logical thinking process and the fight scenes are very detailed There were only two major flaws I found in this series.1 The first book in the series was waaaay too slow I understand that a foundation has to poured on which the following stories sit, but I found this e...

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    The is the omnibus of the Cleric Quintet Five books that tell the tale of Cadderly the scholar priest and his adventures fighting the Chaos Curse.I did rate and review all five individual novels but I also wanted to toss in a rating review for the omnibus because at the end of the day this is one long story instead of five separate stories think Lord of the Rings.This tale hit all my pleasure points.We had great characters who not only grew over the telling of the story but also had wonderful relationships and dialogue.The plot was interesting and well paced I never lost interest and always wanted to keep turning those pages.It s R.A Salvatore so you know we ve got great battles, great fights.The world is the Forgotten Realms so it s very well built and has a rich history.The bad guys there are so many of them and they re all pretty bad ass we ve got dragons, wizards, trolls, goblins, orcs, imps, vampires, zombies and I m sure I m missing some .Thi...

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    I read the first four books, got to the begining of book 5 and moved on to books I was excited about reading As always with Salvatore, some of the characters were really ineresting, others really funny, but the man just can t write.

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    It difficult to review this because it is technically a compendium of 5 books, each with their own highlights and low points Overall, it s a very enjoyable read A classic example of nerd lit escapist fantasy It does a great job of capturing how DD feels while also fleshing out a variety of interesting characters and settings There are some amaz...

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    The story was tremendously interesting alas, the characters failed to live up to the story s grand scheme in my estimation, especially the main character, the cleric in training Cadderly His other companions namely the dwarf brothers proved to be much interesting though they play quite a lesser role in the over all story.The problem with Cadderly was that he was a young man who started out with minimal power but loads of potential, and quickly too quickly, in fact became monumentally powerful physically and magically with no potential for character growth I felt like the boy Cadderly in the beginning didn t grow into the character he became, rather Salvatore substituted an entirely different character for Cadderly Like a skinwalker came in and decided to finish Cadderly s story for him He was really disjointed First he s struggling with all the moral and ethical psychological problems that accompany killing a person, evil or no, and then without a plausible, logical reason for personal growth suddenly finds it an acceptible, if distatsteful, practice to dispose of evil or inconvenient people he encounters in his pursuit of the greater good.His love interest Danica the warrior monk is just that a love interest with an extremely hard head The romance has been established outside of telling of this tale, so the romantic tension is nil She loves him a...

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    Cadderly is a very awesome character, I was excited, so than I can explain here, to find out I was reading a book following a chosen if you are familiar with the forgotten realms universe, there is an enormous pantheon of gods, and gods have to ability to single out a follower they find exceptionally suited to their portfolio, and grant them special abilities basically making them their avatar on this plane Cadderly is such a chosen follower And for a very interesting god I thought Not Torm or any of those mainstream fools Plus, I ve always thought clerics were the shiz in the first place A chosen, and a cleric Basically, he is uber I only regret this is back from the ol advanced DD age I d like it if he were strutting around in a pair of full plate agh that might b...

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    One of the best books I ve read I LOVE all the Drizzt books and it was hard to be away from that group of characters while I read this long book, but Cadderly and the others were worth it I can t wait to read it again, but first I have to finish the rest of the Drizzt series.

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    Solid fantasy fiction from R.A Salvatore s most original and least repetitive period The tone of the series is a little silly relative to his Dark Elf books it alternates between standing as a nice change of pace and distracting the reader In particular, Cadderly s goofy attempts to duplicate 20th century gadgets with the available 2nd edition magical item roster feels less like the element of a novel, and like a witty player trying to troll his DM The trouble he s gone to developing what is essentially a flashlight, in a world where a lifetime supply of torches is vastly cheaper, brings with it the same qualities of a Flintstones sight gag, where it s an elephant washing the dishes or a Brontosaurus standing in for a crane The oddly comic tone of the series, coupled by distractions like these, make it a reading experience that is enjoyable, but doesn t quite fit with the Forgotten Realms proper.At this point, if you are seeking out a 25 year old Forgotten Realms series to read, with new ones still coming out and this series in particular not showing up on modern shelves with anything near the regularity of Salvatore s popular Dark Elf books, you alr...

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