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!!> PDF / Epub ☀ The Little Tern: A Story of Insight ✈ Author Brooke Newman –

The Little Tern: A Story of InsightA Beautifully Illustrated Modern Fable In The Spirit Of Jonathan Livingston Seagull And Hope For The Flowers The Little Tern Is The Enchanting Story Of A Bird Who One Day Discovers He Has Lost The Ability To Fly Life Becomes Meaningless And, Deserted By His Airborne Friends, He Is Left Alone On The Shore But Then New Friends Arrive And They Bring With Them A Fresh View On Life Through This Experience And The Friendships That Are Formed From It, The Little Tern Encounters Things He Had Never Noticed Before And Soon He Realizes That Life Is Much Richer Than He Had Previously Known And Discovers That Our Real Strength Comes From Our Seeming Weakness An Appealing Book On Many Levels Beautifully Illustrated A Wonderful All Occasion Gift Book Timely Theme How To Find Hope In Disappointing Or Frustrating Circumstances For All Ages.

!!> PDF / Epub ☀ The Little Tern: A Story of Insight ✈ Author Brooke Newman –
  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages
  • The Little Tern: A Story of Insight
  • Brooke Newman
  • English
  • 20 March 2019
  • 9780743207683

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    Picking up the book I was hoping for a book in the vein of The Velveteen Rabbit or even The Little Prince What I wasn t expecting was a fable for adults that whilst not unsuitable for children per se because of its overuse of metaphors which goodness only knows I struggled with and general lack of charm I wouldn t have thought appealing to them.A short philosophical picture book with water colour illustrations by Lisa Mann Dirkes The story follows a now flightless little tern who, as season follows season, searches for meani...

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    This book is not very long, but is surely in dept It s a serious and sad story about a little tern finding his ability to fly again It s quick, realistic and will bring you deep in thought If you havn t read it, read it It s definitly a good read.

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    A very smart story about a bird that lost its ability to fly A strange item for itself.But this short story teaches us about the things that we see and dont see Things we take for granted and things we have to open our eyes to see them, even if they were under our nose.

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    good read cute story.

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    Oh this is just a fabulous philosophical metaphor About a bird who forgets how to fly.

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    Adorable, mystical little book that spoke to my soul The watercolor illustrations are sublime A gem.

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