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[EPUB] ✽ The Blessing of Krozem ❂ Lorinda J. Taylor –

The Blessing of Krozem THIS NOVELETTE IS NOW FREE AT SMASHWORDS In This Fantasy Novelette 8500 Words We Read About The Slate Blue World Of Ziraf In Addition To Humans, Ziraf S Dreamers Created Spirit Beings Called The Troil, Who Communicate With And Sometimes Counsel Their Mortal Companions The Troi Wagmi Suggests To The Headman Of Greivat Fastness That He Might Ask The Zem L For Immortality But When The Headman Approaches The Aged Shrine Guardian Gilzara With A Request For Help In Summoning The Correct Zem, Gilzara Himself Is Seduced By The Idea Of Immortality, If He Might Obtain It Not Only For Himself But Also For His Dying Wife Krozem, The Creator Of Humankind, Proves To Be Surprisingly Receptive, But Things Do Not Turn Out Quite As Planned.

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    This is a very short tale, and very Greek in feel Like the Greek gods of myth, the Zem l of this tale will find a way to twist and gift they give For such a brief stoory, Ms Taylor manages to draw several detailed characters, making them spring to li...

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    This short story from the Termite Writer is a complex book in few words I ve been thinking it reminded me of a famous SF author from way back in the 60 s, but I can t think of who it is, so I ll write the review without alas the reference to famous writer I wanted to use.Essentially, this story is a be careful what you wish for tale The usual excellent writing is what I ve come to expect from Lorinda Taylor Hey, the short is free on Smashwor...

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    This story is like an onion, it has many layers imaginative creatures, original names, a clear storyline, a moral, plus and may bring tears to your eyes if you put yourself in the place of the Priest Gilzara, his wife Javon and the petitioner Emtash.See my review also at

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