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!!> PDF ⚣ Rift in the Races ✈ Author John Daulton –

Rift in the Races Rift In The Races Follows The Continuing Story Of Powerful Prosperion Sorcerer Altin Meade And Feisty Earth Fleet Officer Orli Pewter In The Fight Against The Mysterious Alien Hostiles.The Earth Fleet Is Now Moving To Take Advantage Of Its Recent Victory With Better Combat Strategies And Prosperion Wizards Only A Blink Away, The Time Has Come To Finish The Job They Set Out To Do Destroying The Hostiles But Complications Arise.Altin S Discovery Of Space Traveling Humans From Distant Earth Has Threatened Ancient And Foundational Beliefs For The People Of His World The Shockwaves From This Revelation Begin To Unravel A Long Standing But Precarious Balance Of Power With Her Eyes To The Sky And All Its Galactic Possibilities, Prosperion S War Queen Soon Finds Her Realm On The Brink Of Chaos Together, Altin And Orli Must Once Again Find A Way To Mediate The Forces Of Pride, Frustration And Fear Between Their Two Peoples, Or Both Planets Will Be Destroyed What Ensues Is An Action Packed, Laser Blasting Magic Ride Through Space, War, Romance And Conspiracy A Thrilling Tale Of Alliances And Alien Hostility Sometimes Alien Hostility Is A Matter Of Perspective.

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    I realize this is my book, and in being that, this review is rendered almost useless to a reader shopping for a book However, I am a human, and I do get the option of reviewing it here on this site, and I am not lying when I say I love it So, there you have it.

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    I don t have much good to say about this book I loved the first one for many reasons And my expectations probably ruined this second book I saw a lot of potential and some pitfalls in the first book The potential was wasted, and the author managed to hit every single pitfall there was I mean.Orli is an irritating character, so.lets give her space to irritate us Asad is a useless irritant that only creates tension, but isn t useful to the s give him a prominent position and put him everywhere, where the two cultures interact It s only logical to put the ever accusing bad tempered bastard to the front of our diplomatic relations with a new, extremely powerful magical race of humans..right We all like Altin.let s put him out for half a book I could take all of this stuff.if it ...

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    Loved the story and the vast majority of the charactersI couldn t put the book down Very fun read.

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    Have been trying to force myself to finish the book but i only got past the 6 first hours of the audiobook Dont know if it was the performance from David Bodtcher, but i just could not get myself to continue With all the whining from Orli making her seem like a 2 year old, she s never content with the situation view spoiler First book she kept on with how she never wanted to be in space, here in the 2nd b...

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    The first book in this series was fun and somewhat light hearted I enjoyed it a lot This book, however, took a decidedly darker and serious turnand I loved it I no longer felt like the characters were somewhat fluffy and unbelievable These are real people with...

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    That book is awesome, starting slow and Bam action is coming and I sited like a fool looking for a tome 3 who come this year lol xD

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    Definitely has it s flaws, but there s just something about the concept of this story that I love.

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    Started off a little slow for a 2nd book in the series, but it quickly got me back in Now i have to wait for book 3, sigh.and he left a good clift hanger.

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    This is a significantly inferior book than the first one I feel most of the roadblocks the author puts in front of the characters are contrived or forced.

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    Chapter Orli..Me OMG pls die, you want to die almost the entire time, so why don t you just kill yourself Never have I ever wanted the main heroine to get killed as badly as this one, think I got a depression just reading listening her parts.Altin nowhere to be seen when everyone came for him Capitan Asad The biggest war hawk was left behind when the rest...

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