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✯ The Magic Between Us Books ✴ Author Tammy Falkner –

The Magic Between UsWhen These Worlds CollideCecelia Hewitt Has Lived Her Whole Life In The Land Of The Fae, And She Dreams Of A Future With Her Childhood Sweetheart, Marcus Thorne When Marcus Is Called Upon To Dwell In The Human World, It Means Leaving Cecelia Behind And Breaking Both Their Hearts.More Than Sparks May FlyMarcus Was Groomed For Leadership In The Land Of The Fae, But Now That He Has Found His Human Parents, He Will Inherit His Father S Title And Position In The British Ton And He Will Marry A Human As Love And Passion Continue To Burn Between Cecelia And Marcus, The Question Remains Can Two People Fated For Different Worlds Find One To Share

✯ The Magic Between Us Books ✴ Author Tammy Falkner –
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 313 pages
  • The Magic Between Us
  • Tammy Falkner
  • English
  • 15 June 2019
  • 9781402268182

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    Light, sweet, magical, and romantic, The Magic Between Us was a lovely read It was wonderful and I really enjoyed reading it Loved this book Cecelia was a wonderful heroine She holds a grudge against Marcus for leaving her and that might have bothered me, but she knew when to forgive She was a sweet, likable character The only thing I questioned about her was why she didn t tell Marcus of her problems at home before He would have helped her if she had let him Otherwise, I really liked her.Marcus was such a sweetheart He originally leaves the fae world and Cecelia because he believes he needs to earn his family s acceptance But, even so, he was still completely devoted to Cecelia He was so sweet and wonderful and I adored him.The romance was lovely Cecelia and Marcus were so sweet together They had been in love with each other for years until Marcus duty as a titled lord tore them apart But, they were still a perfect match And, there was definitely some hot chemistry between them What I liked about that part of their romance was that both of them had saved themselves for each other Yes, that means Marcus was a virgin, as well I thought that was really sweet In most historical romance, even if the hero isn t a rake, he s still experienced But, in this one, since Marcus was in love with Cecelia for most of his life, he wasn t interested in any other woman It made their relationship even sweeter But, mak...

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    THE MAGIC BETWEEN USTammy Faulkner Lighthearted entertainment sprinkled with magic, romance, and a touch of danger. This is the story of Marcus Thorne and Cecelia Hewitt Readers met Marcus in the two previous books of the series when he came from the world of fae on an important mission in human world of Regency England.The Magic Between Us is lighthearted entertaining story sprinkled with magic, romance, and a touch of danger It s a story that makes you laugh and sigh I love the strong family dynamics in all of Tammy Faulkner s stories and the realistic teasing and squabbles The fae series has been fun to read I ve enjoyed Thorne family and each member has a particular magical ability While there is a lot of laughter and high jinks in The Magic Between Us the author skillfully deals with a serious issue of addiction and it s emotional impact on a family If you enjoy magic, a good romance, endearing characters, and laughter, The Magic Between Us really, the whole series is ...

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    The synopsis on this book is currently wrong Please look on either BN or for the correct one.My heart broke reading how Cecelia lost her childhood sweetheart and true love to his family duty Her life went from happy, with a promising future to being trapped in a horrible home life Not that Marcus is less miserable He loves Celia and is torn by his need to do what it right by his family A family he had not always know, but loves just the same When the two cross paths again, wounds are reopened and their love reignited Both Marcus and Cecelia are loyal, loving, and someone you would want to meet in real life I really enjoyed their story and the sweet love they shared Not that the heat is missing, so have no fears there.I love all things fae and when I saw this book I knew I had to read it At the time, I did not realize it was part of a series and that I had not read the first two books Thankfully, this read beautifully as a stand alone While I am sure I probably missed quite a bit by starting here, it did not interfere with my enjoyment of the book Funny thing is that not too long ago I did this it was with a shifter series tha...

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    I loved this book couldn t put it down Marcus Cecelia have knowned each other since they were kids, but as time went by they fell in love and always talked about their future together One day Marcus told her that he needed to go to the human world to help his father and just left her there with a broken heart Cecelia was asked to go to the human world along with other fea to help Marcus s family Marcus tried to explain to Cecelia that he made a mistake by leaving her and that he wants her back, but Cecelia s broken heart was still hurting especially after what happened whil...

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    I received this ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I was about 1 3 of the way through The Magic Between Us before I really started questioning myself I first questioned if I was reading the wrong book because the description here on Goodreads is nothing like the plot that was unfolding I next questioned why I was reading it at all since I wasn t that impressed with the first two books of the series Unfortunately, in the end I questioned why this book had so many problems that the author didn t seem to notice.Marcus Thorne is the eldest son of a human Earl and a fairy godmother who were forced to give up three of their six children because they had were born with magic verses the three kids who lost out in the fairy gene pool Instead of learning from the mistakes of his parents and trying to bridge the gap between his mixed heritage, Marcus feels that he cannot have a life in the human world without foregoing his life as a Fae He makes the choice to leave everything behind in the Fae world, including his girlfriend Cecelia, and ends up being miserable trying to live up to his new role as heir to a father he barely knows and slightly resents On top of this he has usurped the heir apparent job from a slightly younger brother who isn t thrilled to learn he i...

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    Tammy Falkner brings readers the third book in her paranormal historical romance series featuring the fae The Magic Between Us is essentially a Regency romance with a magical twist Though these elements may be the forefront there is also the underlying themes of rebuilding trust and the effects of addiction Falkner uses humor, as well as, some clever plot devices to get readers interested Her characters are tender and sweet in this one and have eyes only for each other A light, romantic romp in the ton What I liked One of the things I enjoyed about this book was the relationship between the main couple, Marcus and Cecilia It was obvious that even though Marcus had left the fae world to pursue life as a Lord with his human family, he still loved Cecilia Cecilia was hurt by Marcus but she still harbors feelings for him, even though her trust in him has faltered That and family secrets try to keep these two apart, but in vain I liked the fact that Falkner takes a different route with these two Marcus isn t your typical English Lord He isn t a rake and he has saved himself for the woman he loves, a rare trait Cecilia is dealing with a terrible secret and doesn t want it to affect others she loves A very interesting lead couple, not your average Regency story to be sure The fae elements in this book, were wel...

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    The Magic Between Us is the third book in the Faerie romance series by Tammy Falkner I have not read the two previous books, and aside from some secondary plot moments I do not feel that the lack affected my read Marcus Thorne was groomed to be one of the Trusted Few in the land of the fae, but must step into his father s title in the British ton In doing so he leaves behind his first love Cecelia Hewitt, is than a little upset with Marcus for leaving her behind The situation is made worse that in the six months Marcus has been gone her mother has passed away and her father has become increasingly troubled When situations bring them together again Marcus realizes that he has made a mistake and needs to reconcile with Cecelia But will she be able to trust him again, and will they find a compromise that works for both of them, and their families I am not quite sure where to start with The Magic Between Us Part of the problem lies in the fact that the book is nothing like the description on Goodreads, but does match the description on I thought that...

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    Posted on What I m ReadingI finished The Magic Between Us by Tammy Falkner, which happens to be the third Faerie book In The Magic Between Us, we focus our attention on Marcus Thorne If you have read the previous books you would remember Marcus as the older brother of Sophia and Claire Anyway, Marcus is trying figure out what to do Now that his parents remember him and his sisters, he feels like he needs to choose which land he wants to live in The choice to live among the faeries or to be the heir in his parents land He believes he needs to live among the humans, so decides to leave everything has known behind even the girl he loves Yes, I know bonehead move Cecelia Hewitt is heart broken with Marcus decision, but that s not the only problem she s facing after Marcus left All right, I completely understand why Marcus felt like he needed to make a rash decision on where he should reside Plus, it all stems from the unpardonable rules mention in the first book However, he felt miserable without Cecelia Now he s going to try to win Cecelia back no matter Cecelia has felt empty ever since Marcus left, but she s afraid to trust him with her heart again Looks like an uphill battle for Marcus Overall, I enjoyed the story I love Marcus s inner conflict He wants to stay in faerie world, but feels needs to be loyal to his parents that he just found However, I m...

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    I gave this a B at AAR, so 3.5 stars At first glance, The Magic Between Us looks like one of those books that could go one of two ways It could end up being a cute, sweet story or saccharine enough to make a reader s teeth hurt Thankfully, readers will find a lot of the former in this tale of star crossed lovers caught between Regency England and the land of the Fae.Cecelia Hewitt has grown up in the land of the fae expecting that she would marry Marcus Thorne, her childhood sweetheart However, we soon learn that Marcus is only part fae, and he has a mother and father in the human world Even worse for Cecelia, Marcus is the oldest son of an aristocrat in that world and so he must take up the responsibilities of his position and produce an heir A human heir The book opens with Marcus bidding farewell to Cecelia in a scene that convinces readers of Cecelia s heartbreak.Six months later, Marcus and Cecelia meet once in the human world This time around, Cecelia has been sent on a mission and it is there that her path crosses with Marcus once Not surprisingly, she still feels very hurt over Marcus leaving as abruptly as he did Not long after seeing Cecelia again for the first time, Marcus begins to ...

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    Reviewed by JenBook provided by NetGalleyOriginally posted on Romancing the BookAfter reading the first two books in this series, I was interested in finding out how the series was going to end Unfortunately it was rather lackluster and as I try to write this review having read the book over a month ago, it s also forgettable So, I ve pulled the book up on my e reader to scan the book once again and I m afraid the book still doesn t stand out.In this series, we ve followed Marcus two sisters as they find love and now it s his turn So the basic premise of this series is that a Fae and a human married and had six kids Three of those kids were fae and the other three were human The human kids stayed with their parents and the other three were shipped off to the fae world to live with other family member Memories were modified and years down the road when the kids are grown, they run into their parents and attempt to form a family as well as see if they can conform to the human world.Back to Marcus s story He grew up in the fae world, but now that he s met his parents and found out he s the oldest son, he s heir and he wants to fit into the human world In his mind, this in...

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