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[Read] ➵ The Fifth Man Author James LePore –

The Fifth Man National Bestselling Author James LePore S Searing, Intense Novel SONS AND PRINCES Riveted Readers With Its Epic Depiction Of A Man Caught Between Crime And Conscience Reviewers Were Understandably Awed LePore Had Me Hooked From The Very First Line, Which Is Not Hard To Do When You Re Asked To Envision Body Parts Showing Up In A Suitcase An Absolute Must Read The Celebrity Caf LePore Writes A Captivating Story Nearly Impossible To Put Down His Characters Are Both Memorable And Frightening This Is An Outstanding Book, Destined To Be A Classic Pick Of The Literate If You Have Not Read A Book From Mr LePore You Are Missing Outhard Hitting Characters, A Strong Story Line, And A Craving For Cheryl S Book NookNow LePore Returns With A Sequel To SONS AND PRINCES It Is Eight Years Later And Life Has Changed Overwhelmingly For Chris Massi And His Son Matt Chris Now Possesses Power Than He Ever Could Have Imagined But With Power Comes Considerable, Unremitting Risk And When Matt Finds Himself Drawing The Attention Of The Russian Mafia, The Risks Become All Too Immediate And The Reaction All Too Crucial As The Circle Widens To Include Chris S Daughter And The Woman That Has Surprisingly Captured Matt S Heart, Chris Must Make Moves That Could Make Him And His Entire Family Vulnerable.Rippling With Tension, THE FIFTH MAN Is A Story Of Strength And Consequences, Of The Price Of The Past And The Perilous Path To The Future It Is James LePore At The Height Of His Storytelling Skills.

[Read] ➵ The Fifth Man  Author James LePore –
  • Paperback
  • 236 pages
  • The Fifth Man
  • James LePore
  • 21 August 2018
  • 9781611880656

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    Matt Massi comes from a very powerful family His family is associated with the mafia Having the mafia as your family, it means that there are some big shoes to fill So when a deal involving some dangerous men gets to be too much for Matt and becomes personal, his father Chris comes to his aid The Fifth Man is the follow up to Sons and Princes However if you have not read Sons and Princes you can still read this book It was great to see Chris again I really connected with him in the prior novel He did not disappoint me again in this book Chris if anything grew stronger and better since I last saw him He shows what it means when you cross someone in the mafia Matt was another person that it was good to see I remember when he was just a little kid in the last book He did not jump off the pages at me as much as Chris did The first half of the book was a little bit of a struggle for me While it was a nice set up to what was to come in the later...

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    Sequel to SONS PRINCES, THE FIFTH MAN is the continuing story of Chris Massi, a man drawn into a world he had wanted no part of He now has money, power and influence than he ever could have imagined The story begins approximately eight years after Chris crossed lines he tried so hard to avoid He is now a man of power, always needing to be at least two steps ahead of his enemies, who are now targeting his family Matt, his son, has become a target for the Russian Mafia, who is known for its brutality and far reaching power.Chris must walk the minefield of protecting his family, keeping peace, all while showing the Russians he is not one to be trifled with Of course, his secret agreement with Mr White must also be kept.I am impressed with Chris, he still holds on to his sense of self and what is important He faces the unknown head on, in this dangerous game of espionage and suspense.This is another great read from James...

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    Summary When we last heard from Chris Massi, the morally conscious lawyer had the deck stacked against him and a life altering choice to make either sever ties with the mobster world or take over the reins of the kingdom from NJ s most powerful don In this sequel to Sons and Princes set eight years later, we find Chris living a life of luxury in Europe Yet behind closed doors, the pieces on the chess board are constantly shifting as political moves are made, alliances forged and lives ended in the blink of an eye But now it s become personal The Russian Mafia has set its sights on Chris son and daughter and will stop at nothing to implicate him My Thoughts I am absolutely thrilled that James LePore decided to write a sequel to Sons and Princes I quite literally jumped for joy when the package arrived on my doorstep and lost no time devouring the novel The way he guides readers into these exotic high stakes worlds, like they re no different from what we re used to, is uncanny And, as is usually the case after becoming engrossed in one of his stories, I m left wanting With that being said though, I must admit I was a little disappointed by how quickly the ending unfolded LePore novels never skimp on story line, and this one is definitely loaded with adrenaline pumping action It is a bit overwhelming at first keeping track of all the components in this international thriller of extremist groups, intelligence agencies a...

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    Matt Massi has made a decision, it seems His father Chris Massie is a man who speaks little and listens carefully and he has taught his son the same by example than by excessive words Now Matt is a student at Columbia University but doesn t have much time for studies as he has been contacted for his connection to his father and Eastern Europe interests A tip off about a locked storage unit alerts him way beyond the message At the same time it also eventually connects him to the abused wife of an alcoholic bully, the latter whom he will murder in self defense and the former with whom he will fall in love Next we meet the rest of the Massi family, including his Don father, housekeeper, man who assists Chris in finding information on any individual person or eliminating them, men in the know who never seem to be as on top as Matt s father, and A theft of valuable diamonds has been noted and a find of 2,000,000 certainly piques Matt s interest but not out of greed Off to Greece and eventually further into mainland Europe where Secretar...

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    Most kids love connect the dots pictures The picture consists of a series of numbered points printed on a page When the points are connected by drawing a straight line in numerical order from point to point to point, some sort of image will emerge.James LePore s The Fifth Man is something of a literary version of a connect the dots puzzle for adults The author does not fill in all of the blanks for the reader Rather, he plots a scattering of points, and lets the reader fill in the details between points The basic plot involves the nuclear family of the leader of a crime family who may be even than they appear , being coerced into getting involved in preventing some sort of terrorist plot in Prague that is anticipated to cause the death of multiple world leaders, including the President of the Czech Republic and the former US Secretary of State But the storytelling technique used is not common in today s literary world.For example, Point A two men with guns are approaching a pair of gentlemen guarding a locked door Point B those same two men gentlemen are dumping a pair of deceased former guards in an unmarked grave The reader is left to make the determination as to what happened between Point A and Point B to connect the dot...

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    To see my full review is a wonderful sequel to Sons and Princes that can also stand alone for the reader who hasn t year read the prequel But seriously, these novels are so wonderful that you need to read them both LePore is an exceptional writer, bringing his 25 years of law experience to the forefront as he spins his tales of crime.LePore does a phenomenal job drawing the reader in from the very beginning, fleshing out the cast of characters as his story seamlessly flows together What I ve always enjoyed about LePore s writing is his ability to take the reader inside the characters heads, jumping from scene to scene, and place to place, without losing the reader along the way LePore s meticulous attention to detail, and his background in law help create a believable crime story that will leave you breathless as the pieces of the puzzle begin to come together.Whereas Sons and Princes focuses on Chris Massi and his decisions concerning the family business, The Fifth Man gives of a focus to his son, Matt, which I loved The story itself opens about seven years after the close of Sons and Princes, and I really like that LePore chose to add this time gap to his story It allows Chris to become something of a bigwig, while it also gives time for Matt and his sister to grow into adulthood, allowing for interaction and relation building within the walls of the...

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    The Fifth Man An Intriguing Read Full of suspense as you follow the juggling of story lines of the Massi family learning their secrets and vulnerabilities This sequel continues in the tradition that author, James LePore, is known for well researched complications, true to life scenarios delving into sub worlds within our world, and glimpses into the psyche with a hint at asking how would you handle it if you we re there The characters are well develope...

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    This was my first James Lepore book The quick story development and vivid characters had me hooked early on I could not put the book down This a story of power and privelage of a powerful crime family..and what can happen to change the course of world events when men of power pull the strings behind the scenes There is love, anger, revenge and a healthy dose of recent real world events to bring a certain air of believability to the story ...

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    Matt Massi is a student at Columbia University but doesn t have a great deal of time for studies due in part to his father Chris legacy, and some Eastern Europe interests A tip off about a locked storage uni...

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    This was the story of the Massi , a family with mafia ties, and their endevour to uncover and foil a terrorist attack over seas on Sept 11.For what its worth the story was not poorly written its just not my cup of tea I had a hard time getting into the story and couldn t really ge...

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