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!!> EPUB ❀ Girls Like Us ✻ Author Gina Renée Misiroglu –

Girls Like Us We All Have Moments From Childhood That Were Turning Points People And Events That Molded Our Perceptions Of Ourselves And Our Lives In Girls Like Us, 40 Accomplished, Influential Women Share These Inspiring Moments From Their Own Childhoods And Teenage Years Novelist Amy Tan Explores The Life Of A Young Girl And Her Relationship To Her Mother In The Joy Luck Club Faye Wattleton Describes How A Checkered And Difficult Childhood Shaped Her Into The Determined Leader She Is Today In Paula, Isabel Allende Tells Of Her Parents Priceless Gift In Encouraging Her To Express Her Creativity The Book Also Includes Photographs Of Some Of The Contributors At The Age They Appear In Their Stories, As Well As Brief Biographies Of Each.

!!> EPUB ❀ Girls Like Us  ✻ Author Gina Renée Misiroglu –
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Girls Like Us
  • Gina Renée Misiroglu
  • English
  • 22 July 2019
  • 1577310845

    10 thoughts on “!!> EPUB ❀ Girls Like Us ✻ Author Gina Renée Misiroglu –

  1. says:

    I loved this book It was a great collected of stories, poems, and songs written by women all about girlhood It celebrated their identity, family, girlfriends, mentors and heroes, and irreplaceable moments It was so wonderful to see a book that celebrated the strength women found in their childhood I learnedabout a num...

  2. says:

    A marvelous book about extraordinary women An inspiration to all girls to be all that they can be.

  3. says:

    Mixture of interesting and boring vignettes.

  4. says:

    From the remarkable and painful stage fright of Joan Baez, to Benazir Bhutto s becoming the first Bhotto woman to be released from a life spent in perpetual twilight , to a 12 year old Latvian girl s Agate Nesaule determination to teach herself English be comparing an English languag...

  5. says:

    I first read this when I was gifted it in middle school I remember enjoying a lotthan I enjoyed this reread Some of the stories were enjoyable but some of them were kind of dry and less readable Some of the stories were also rather unrelatable in that they were about struggles of young girls of color dealing with prejud...

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