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!!> PDF / Epub ☆ God of Her Father's: A Novella ✪ Author Alicia A. Willis –

God of Her Father's: A NovellaEllen Is The Adoring Wife Of Manly Settler John Walden When An Unexpected Tragedy Claims His Life, However, She Finds Herself Brokenhearted And Terrifyingly Alone Life On The Bleak Prairies Is Harsh, And She Is Desperate For The Means To Survive.When A Debonair Stranger Abruptly Appears, Ellen Is Torn Between Accepting His Offered Help Or Struggling On Alone Tyler Nichols Seems An Upright Young Man, But Could His Charm Be A Guise Could He Really Be Dan Crudwell, Outlaw Of Kansas City God Of Her Fathers Is A Heartwarming Novella Of Faith, Courage, And New Beginnings, As A Young Woman Seeks To Trust Her Lord And Accept His Will For Her Life.

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    God of Her Fathers5 starsI cannot believe how quickly I finished God of Her Fathers It really only took me two hours to devour it I have been looking for another book to read of late, and this was a fantastic answer God of Her Fathers is a novella telling the story of Ellen Walden She and her husband, John, moved out to the prairie, where they were building a life for themselves on the lonely land When tragedy strikes and takes John s life, Ellen is left alone with her newborn son But along comes help in the form of Tyler Nichols But is he really who he says he is Or is he Dan Crudwell, outlaw of Texas I loved the plot I had a flashback of Love Comes Softly in the beginning It was brimming with historical accuracy The mystery shrouded Tyler Nichols or is that really him was honestly my favorite character he was lots of fun D The twist in the end of Tyler s real character was unexpected, and I loved it Ellen was a brave, courageous young woman Her doubts and fears were so understandable, especially pertaining to Tyler I was having quite a bit of doubt myself when those outlaws showed up I was really drawn into the story from the beginning, and I actually started crying when Ellen s husband, John Walden, died This was one of the few books that I have ever read that have brought me to actual te...

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    Age Appropriate For 10 and up some mild violence and very mild romanceBest for Ages 10 and upI have been working my way through some of the books on my Kindle and decided to read this one day I have been a huge fan of Willis writing since her very first book Her short stories are a delightful taste of what readers can expect from her novels good history and good story telling.This story was one of those that is bitter sweet It starts out sweet with a newlywed couple starting out their lives on the harsh prairie When tragedy strikes, it turns bitter The story ends on a hopeful note, making the story satisfying.As always, Willis brings a deep message of faith that isn t trivial or forced it is a natural part of the story That is something you can always count on from her.I wish I could go on and...

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    Now available on Kindle A western tale of adventure, courage, and new beginnings, the twists and turns of God of Her Fathers will keep you guessing Great for historical fiction and western fans.

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    Alicia Willis did a superb job covering the emotional and adventurous story of the heroine, Ellen Walden I recommend anyone read it that enjoys historical fiction, or pioneer western stories.

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    Amazing I was deeply surprised at the skill and vividness with which this was written I could almost feel the hot prairie dust on my skin, hear the galloping hoof beats, and the bullets flying Full of excitement, drama, chivalry and even the tiniest hint of romance, this little book was the perfe...

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    I picked this up because I wanted something short to read, and I loved Alicia Willis, and I was not disappointed It had a Love Comes Softly Little House on the Prarie feel to it Ellen was a very relatable main character, who...

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    I appreciated all the detail and historical accuracy that went into this story Ellen s struggles and reactions were understandable, and the tension and suspense was well done.The style was a little flowery for my taste, especially when contrasted with the slight dialect of most of the characters Also, the short length made things move really fast not relationships specifically, but just a lot of action and danger coming in a very short time And there was one aspect of the endi...

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    I really liked this Novella not only was I able to read it in 3 nights instead of 3 weeks like the last Alicia Willis book I really liked the 2 main characters felt carried away to the old West with them My first western historical fiction book She reminded me of myself when she second guessed herself No, you can t trust everyone There are people out there who will do bad things to you but sometimes yo...

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    This book is hauntingly beautiful in style, and in the story line itself The descriptions are amazing and I love the character of Ellen Fantastic job with accuracy in the time period Alicia Willis Wonderful, drama filled, lots of adventure, lively and yet somehow sad, w...

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    Awesome This book spoke to my heart about how hard it is to loose a spouse and feel alone in the world A great reminder that no matter what heartache we endure our Heavenly Father will never forsake us Thanks for another wonderful book, Alicia

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