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TALES ABOUT THE INSANITY TALES ABOUT THE INSANITY Is The Third Book By Alexandar Tomov Junior, Translated Into English The Stories Can Be Defined As Attempt For Autopsy Of Madness They Are Created In A Viewpoint Of The Insanity They Describe Those Things In The Human Nature In Which Is Embedded In Certain Circumstances To Escalate To Pathology Like Love, Sex, Lust For Power, The Avarice Traditionally, In The Author S Work Some Of The Stories In The Book Are Hypotheses About The Development Of Human Socium In Future In Parts Of Some Stories There Is Strong Irony About Certain Norms And Values, Growing To Grotesque Because According To The Author, Nightmares And Dark Power Of Grotesque Are Symbolic Expression Of The Deepest Human Fears From A Philosophical Perspective TALES ABOUT THE INSANITY Can Be Defined As Attempt To Realize The Absurd Of Human Existence By Madness.

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    I was recommended this book in the same way as Almaty Transit and The Real Verdict My Quest for the blah blah blah I thought, just in case this author was an absolute genius with words if not at marketing and if he hadn t recommended me the book I might never have heard of what could be the next Booker prize winner I would read a sample So I read a couple of stories.From the book description Traditionally, in the author s work some of the stories in the book are hypotheses about the development of human socium in future.. What does socium mean I can t find a definition of the word There was nothing in the description that appealed to me the writing or the subject matter However, I did read a couple of stories Here is an extract from one of them In front of me there is a huge brown coffin I know there lays the body of a very dear person that I love Don t know who it is I feel just the sorrow that tears my heart Everybody around me notices that and looks at me in respect I wish I wish to throw myself and open the coffin in order to find out the person that is lying in to scream and ask who are all this people, where do theyA couple of paragraphs later and it is revealed he is a psychopath who kills all women who don t believe in love Or rather who don t love him back Right that s not exactly a compelling or original psychological or any other kind of story Pseudo psycholog...

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    This is the third book of Tomov s that I have read and I can say that the title is certainly fitting These are stories about the insanity of both life, and of our perceived reality I don t think this one is as polished as his Future Go...

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