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✅ Tempting Acquisitions (Boardrooms & Billionaires, #1) PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Addison Fox –

Tempting Acquisitions (Boardrooms & Billionaires, #1) CEO Keira McBride Has Put Than A Decade Of Blood, Sweat, And Tears Into Restoring Her Family S Magazine Empire And Knows She Can Handle Any Business Challenge Thrown Her Way Until Sexy Billionaire And Corporate Raider Nathan Cooper Makes A Play For Her Legacy.Nathan S Not Accustomed To Losing And Neither Is Keira When An All Consuming Attraction Threatens To Devour Them Both, Nathan Makes It Clear He Wants To Move Their Relationship Out Of The Boardroom And Into The Bedroom Keira Knows It S Going To Be The Negotiation Of Her Life And The Stakes Have Never Been Higher This Time, Her Heart Is On The Line

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    4 SOLID STARS In Tempting Acquisitions, we see a family owned company that is now being ran by the three sisters who are the heirs to the company s legacy Keira McBride s story is up first, and boy, is it a really tantalizingly good one to read.Keira is the CEO of her family s magazine and has worked her butt off for the last ten or so years trying to bring it back to its former glory after her father essentially ruined what was a flourishing and well supported publication.Throughout the story we are shown how dedicated and committed to the magazine Keira and her younger sisters, Camryn and Mayson are to their jobs All three are strong, independent, successful women who work hard and don t play quite enough And we all know what they say about all work and no play, right Unfortunately, at a time when the sisters are trying their best to revive one of their very long standing magazines, trouble arrives in the name of Nathan Cooper And he s the kind of trouble we all wished we had in our lives, at least in my opinion.Nathan is a billionaire who takes over companies for a living and is quite excellent at his job So when he sets his sights on Keira s company, the sisters are forced to take up battle stations because Nathan is as ruthless and business savvy as he is gorgeo...

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    I read Tempting Acquisitions because book 2 looked really good, so I thought what better time to read book 1 If anything, this cooled me off about reading 2I could not connect with Keira or Nathan, AT ALL They were incredibly boring together and their feud was overdone I need some action Not tap dancing around the same issue.Where the biggest disappointment was Nathan s background There was real juice to that The illegitament child to a mega conglomerate Awesome Except the book pr...

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    I want to start this review off by saying that this is my first time reading a grocery store romance novel I ve read plenty of romance I happen to LOVE paranormal romance but I haven t read this kind I tried a Harlequin book once and the people boning in a cave on a shelf made of ice wasn t hot I just kept thinking my ass would be FREEZING Since then, I have steered clear.Well, I was contacted by the publisher and asked to consider Tempting Acquisitions for review I read the synopsis and it actually sounded really good so I decided to give it a shot.I finished it over a week ago and have been waffling back and forth on what I want to say I am going to try to explain myself as best I can but I want to start by saying that I rated this book at 3 stars Now here s the confusing hot mess of reasoning I am going to be honest here but please know that I am not tearing this book apart Just trying to explain why I am having trouble writing this review.The core story of this book was actually really good The core story is what kept me turning the pages but.Yeah, there s a but.I liked the chemistry between Nathan and Keira but there were a few things that were completely...

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    4 stars.This review also appears on Pretty Sassy Cool.Both the cover and the title of this quick, fun read are kind of cheesy, but I really liked this book a lot Kiera McBride and her sisters have taken over the family media empire, over the last eight years, have brought it from the brink of shutting down Nathan Cooper is known throughout the business world for taking over floundering companies and dismantling them He s handsome and charismatic, and excellent at what he does, so when he sets his sights on McBride Media, the sisters are understandably upset They decide they re not going down without a fight, though.She took in the sharp planes of his face and the piercing blue of his eyes, evident even in a black and white photograph Ignoring the completely inappropriate rush of attraction, she focused on the task at hand It was time to prepare her battle plan She d worked too hard to save her family s legacy and make it something they were proud of again There was no way a corporate pirate with a cocky smile was going to take it away from her.Of course, the attraction to each other that they both feel cannot be denied It s just like I said It s simple Simple It was any...

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    Tempting Acquisitions by Addison FoxReceived from Entangled PublishingRelease Date Available NowReviewed by Middle Sis JennTempting Acquisitions employs one of my favorite romance paradigms the enemies who fall in love I just love stories where two people fight and fight, throwing sharp words and steely glances at each other but then are inextricably attracted to each and can t seem to get passed those feelings The tension builds and builds until it explodes into something fiery and passionate Best Paradigm Ever Keira is a strong willed, beautiful CEO of a media empire, and Nathan is the gorgeous, cold hearted man who is determined to take over her company I really like when the female MC is stubborn and confident, knowing she is both talented and beautiful I like this in a romance story because it gives the female some power that she can use to twirl the guy around her finger Keira is that woman, and I really enjoyed watching her confidence as she managed her company and Nathan However, there were vulnerabilities there that...

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    NetGalley free readI m sorry to say there wasn t much to this story I found myself at the end, still questioning Nathan s motivations in buying the McBride Media empire Yes, he s a corporate rader But that still doesn t explain the motivation when the author makes it seem like there s something behind it When even his best friend and number two at his company asks him why he s bothering with it.At the beginning there seemed to be some sort of revenge in play But when you discover he s never met the McBrides, not any member of the family, then you realize, no revenge happening There are two instances where you think Nathan may change his mind First when Kiera tells him about her father and how he went from being a family man with a good head for business to almost destroying the entire empire and having affiars You think he could understand the drive by the sisters to rebuild their lives and business to reflect not only what was past but what they could do as well Also when Nathan tells Kiera about how his mother loved the magazine that put the media empire back in profits and how she would pour over it, you think that this good memory ...

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    CR novella Repeat FREEBIE until Mar 29th BN iBooks Kobo

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    I liked the simple romance with business verbage thrown in there Keira and her 2 sisters had to rebuild a company that her father messed up over 2 decades which was started by their grandfather There is a fella named Nathan who wants to buy out the company but also has an infatuation with Kiera.It...

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    Walking towards your own goalsBad parents are lessons for one to learn from.Love is always a factor that makes a difference of whether you make the mistakes of disinterested and frustrated parents or you chart your own happiness in your own mould.

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    Great quick read Loved the story, along with fun lively characters I enjoyed the storyline and twist and turns of it, how the characters interact with each other and the happily ever after.

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