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!!> Read ➶ My House, My Rules ➺ Author Constance Masters –

My House, My Rules The Last Thing Jay Needs On His First Day In His New Home Is Kids Climbing Over His Fence And Swimming In His Backyard Pool Unsupervised And Without His Knowledge Or Permission The Incident Serves As A Less Than Optimal Introduction To His Next Door Neighbor Alex, A Beautiful Young Woman To Whom Jay Is Immediately Attracted In Spite Of, Or Perhaps Because Of, Her Defiant Attitude.Alex Has Been On Her Own With Two Children Since Her Husband Passed Away Three Years Ago, And Although She Would Never Admit It, She Desperately Needs A Man In Her Life Before Things Spiral Any Further Out Of Control In Spite Of The Circumstances Of Their First Meeting, Alex Accepts Jay S Invitation To Dinner.When She Learns Of Jay S Career As An Author Of Spanking Romance Novels, However, She Is Forced To Consider The Possibility That She Herself Might Need A Firm Hand Applied To Her Bare Bottom Far Often Than She Might Like Will She Be Able To Accept The Discipline Required To Get Her Life Back On Track, And If She Does, Will Jay Be Able To Be The Man She Needs For Herself And Her Kids Publisher S Note My House, My Rules Is An Erotic Romance Novel That Contains Both Graphic Sexual Scenes And Spankings, Including Domestic Discipline In A Contemporary Setting If Such Material Offends You, Please Don T Buy This Book.

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    including domestic discipline in a contemporary setting Alex lost her husband 3 years ago and since then she s been pretty lax on a lot of things She spends her days playing Farmville on Facebook not caring about the state of her house and letting her two young boys roam free including climbing the fence to swim in the pool next door of the house that has been for sale Jay is an romantic spanking author who buys the house and when he wakes up his first morning there he finds two boys unsupervised swimming in his pool When he takes them to there mother he isnt happy about what he sees He realizes what she needs is a firm hand both figuratively and literally.This was a easing going read of two people getting to know each other and Alex finally coming to admit she does need discipline in life but that doesn t mean she conforms right away There was one scene where she is suppose to be following Jay s daily list of what house ...

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    If ever a heroine deserves a spanking, Alex does While spending her time playing games on Facebook, the widowed mother allows her two young sons to swim unsupervised in the pool at the vacant house next door She doesn t believe in setting rules for her children She doesn t clean, cook or bother to manage her finances Everything ...

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    Alex s life was out control after her husband s death three years ago Her house and finances were in chaos She and her young sons did what they pleased without consequences.Things began to change when Jay moved...

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    I truly enjoyed this spanking romance It was sweet, cute and HOT A young widow with two young boys is spinning out of control not disciplining her sons but aiding their wild behavior ignoring bank letters and addicted to FarmVille Th...

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    This is a great story Alex is lost her husband and has been raising her two boys by herself She has been letting things slip because it had been so hard to cope But when the new neighbor finds the boys sw...

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