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[Read] ➱ His Every Whim (His Every Whim, #1) ➹ Liliana Rhodes –

His Every Whim (His Every Whim, #1) Down On Her LuckWhen Down On Her Luck Plus Sized Beauty Ashley Monroe Takes A Waitressing Job At An Event At The Boone Art Gallery, She S Told One Thing Stay Away From The Mysterious And Brooding Man Sitting By Himself Easier Said Than Done For Ashley Who Finds Herself Inexplicably Drawn To The Gorgeous Stranger When She Decides To Spend The Evening Doing Things She Normally Wouldn T Like Letting Herself Be Seduced By This Enigmatic Man She Only Knows As Xander She Unknowing Opens Her World Up To The Lavish Lifestyle Of Beautiful Mansions, Fast Cars, And Expensive Clothes, Because When Billionaire Xander Boone Wants Something, He Gets It Part Of His WorldAs Ashley Enters Xander S World Of Champagne And Lavish Gifts, They Find Themselves Unable To Deny The Attraction They Feel For Each Other But When Xander S Past Comes Back To Haunt Him, Will He Follow His Heart Or Run From The Feelings He Has For Her.

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    I got this on for free.A fresh art major graduate, Ashley Monroe takes the job as a waitress on a prestigious Art Exhibit event Thanks to her friend but she s been warned to stay clear from the attractive, brooding man He was known to be rude with the staff but with Ashley s curious mind, she isn t fazed by him When she stumbled into him, she s mesmerized on his stature It seems that this man happens to be Xander Boone A billionaire The owner of the exhibit I really like this novella It s quick to read, entertaining and romantic It may be a little cliche but still enjoyable and there s to ...

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    Some authors like to have things their way.It was ok ok book with nice plot but with a greafing hero over his dead wife.I know it sounds a little bit rude to say it this way but one who are dead won t come back and would like you to be happy any how.Only the name caught my interest but not the summary.The story was a mediator nothing .All tough the book had my full interest specially when the author used her way of expressing eg For kissable lips she used bee stung lips that was first for me.Bee stung seriously it would feel like a insult to me Lets see Ashley was a collage graduate and was hired to be a waitress at a party where she meet Xander who made his name in two ways one as a billionaire and second as a man you should never ever serve a drink.But Ashley could not stop her self and try to put her hand inside a lions den and taught he wont bite.Xander never taught any body would catch his attention after loosing his wife and living like a dead man.But Ashley curvy body caught his attention.He was a man who liked to stay alone and never interacted with anybody who ever came was sure to get a nice b...

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    This was a kindle freebie I m not the biggest fan of authors releasing books a couple of chapters at a time and promoting them as novellas and that is exactly what this is It s the first part of a longer novel and it ends on an abrupt cliffhanger as an attempt to lure readers into buying the additional 3 installments Very nice hustle This was a typical Capt Save a ho escapist read The elusive playboy billionaire with a dark secret past takes one look at a down on her luck girl and decides that he can t live without her and makes it his business to save her from her bad situation The story was just ok It wasn t particularly well written and there were some typos, but the story was interesting enough to hold my attention I liked that the female main character was a size 16 That is something that you don t see very often in romance novels However,...

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    This was less than 100 pages.The plot wasn t very good.The characters weren t very likable.The end was bland..5 5 stars rounded up.

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    Delightfully cheesy, over the top situations, perfect billionaire alphahole Every girl s fantasy spa treatments, instalust, wined and dined, and here s a luxury car for you because you need one and you represent ME

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    A harmless story about a broke young woman who crosses paths with a billionaire where she works as a waitress He seems to have an insta attraction to this particular young woman, despite her behaviour being rude towards him, and the fact that he s undoubtedly crossed paths with many similar looking women before Some steamy scenes occur, but unfortunately there is little to no chemistry between them They know nothing about each other beyond the fate of their family issues, which I find increasingly used in books of the genre for characters to bond with a frustrating cliche They find each other attractive, and they have family issues, that s all we really know about them.A scene that really irritated me and seemed so out of place with the story is when Ashley follows a florist address, instantly thinking that he is cheating on her Rather than simply asking him, she follows him there herself and intrudes upon his privacy There is no trust in their relationship, and Ash...

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    I did enjoy this book characters and plot I m glad it was free because I wouldn t have read it as I don t like to pay for chapters instead of getting the whole book But it annoys me how authors write a series of 50 page books It almost feels like a money hunt because you have to keep spending 2 3 for a few chapters At the end I usually feel like bits were skipped or missed because they were trying to wrap it up faster Not to mention, it feels like you haven t finished the book because That s right You still have to buy chapters Ok, i know its my choice to read these free short stories knowing that it will annoy me and am over my rant Wrapping up, yes I m glad I read it, no I won t be buying the next two, yes it will drive me mad thinking about how the story went, and yes I will ...

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    I wanted to really like this book but I just couldn t It has a lot of potential but it s too back and forth He wants her, he can t have her, she wants him, she isn t good enough It s just too wishy washy And just ends Like really just ENDS I was watching the percentage left and thinking, there is no way this can be resolved and sure ended, unresolved I just couldn t get into the characters It s not that they were unrealistic, I m ok with that usually, it s just that you really had no clue as to who the characters were by the end of it which doesn t lead me to want to keep reading Had I been hooked by the chara...

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    The cover art is completely inappropriate for this book.Giggling women annoy me A lot of women in this book do an awful lot of giggling.I don t know I think part of what turned me off about this book is how much it overcompensated I m a size 16 Yep, I m overweight, but I don t feel like people treat me like a pariah because of it Maybe I ve been married for too long and just don t give a crap what people think of my physical appearance any But I felt the book went in the exact opposite direction instead of enforcing a positive image for larger women which I ll go out on a limb and assume it was trying to create , it just sort of reinforced the idea that she should feel bad because she was fat, that society feels she s ugly, and that this guy was OMG her savior for seeing her as a person and not her weight Except that he doesn t know her as a person at all, he just thinks she s hot I m...

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    First of all I loved this story it was a very cute story HOWEVER, I am disappointed with this book cover ok yes I myself am a very plump and deliciously curvy woman so why didn t I see one on this book cover Um, hello, the stories were about billionaires who are in love with plus sized women Both who were wearing 16 22 clothes doggonit I m sure we could have found a sexy plus sized woman in the arms of a sexy man to put on the cover Why d it have to be a skinny woman lol I m not hating on the skinny woman but as they say I m just sayin I felt misled by the cover but we all know that we cannot base a book by its cover So with that being said, I did like the story I loved ...

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