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PDF / Epub ★ His One Desire (His Every Whim, #2) Author Liliana Rhodes –

His One Desire (His Every Whim, #2) The Sequel To His Every Whim.Plus Sized Ashley Monroe Is Given An Offer She Can T Refuse From The Notorious Womanizing Billionaire Drake Winslow Accepting The Offer Is The Only Way She Knows She Can Stay In Xander S World, But It Just Might Be What Drives Him Away For Good.

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    This is the second installment of the series I give it 3 1 2 stars Xander fires Ashley as his house manager can be near her any longer and pushes her away but he gets her a job with his best friend Drake But Drake does not need a assistant he needs a pretend girlfriend Xander becomes jealous and Drake finds out that Xander and Ashley love one another so he puts a plan into motion Xander can not believe Ashley went from one billionaire to another His jealously takes root I love the story between Xander and Ashley but it went to fast and was not fleshy enough for me Still good though This story ends with Xander and Ashley s story I don t want to go into detail to much it will give to much away, but it part 2 it also starts with Drake Xander best friend from college and Sammy s story Drake can not take his eyes off the curvy red head woman something seems familiar about her Sammy is Drake s nannys daughter that he had growing up He could not stand the little girl who pestered him all the time But she was not a little girl any Sammy could not believe her luck that of all places she was catering she had to run into Drake Sammy thought Drake was a selfish, egotistica...

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    Like with book 1 I love that Ashley is a big woman struggling with real issues The scene in the cottage I could relate to, finally finding someone that makes you feel loved and cherished just the way you are Thank you again Liliana for writing a book that sho...

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    Drake takes Ashley to help her out since Xander can t be near her But Drake sees the heat between them and soon figures out what is going on He pushes Ashley and Xander together in ways that make Xander even unhappier But it ends so awesome I love these books.

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    OMG I am loving these books so far, it s a perfect story about impossible romance and falling in love against the odds and the worlds we live in I can t wait for the next part.

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    This story picks up where book one finishes and as the book ends Ashley and Xander reach their Hea Throughout this book and part of the last we are introduced to Alex s college friend, Drake He comes from old money and is a playboy who is always in the rag papers with models, actresses He is not quite what he seems at 41 he confessed to wanting than flings ...

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    His One Desire His Every Whim Book 2 is by Lilian Rhodes This is the book about Ashley and Xander and Ashley and Drake Xander decides he can t be involved with Ashley after losing so much when he lost his wife Ashley interviews with Drake Winslow ...

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    He didn t want to look at her every day because he felt like he was betraying his dead wife She understands why he set her up with a different job but only taking the job hoping it ll bring her back to him eventually.

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    To short, to expensiveAs much as good the story is price is a rip off for 10 mins read All books combined would be worth it but i can not justify paying 1.99 for a couple of pages

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    DrakeI cannot wait to move on to Drake s story I jus Thorpe it isn t exactly what I am thinking will happen.

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    From the 2 books I already read, this one, the second part was the one with the most character in it What I meant by that it was like a wine a small glass in wish you could drink quite fast since small books 4 shorts stories but still short but it contains a lot of taste and shades So this two books were short for sure, love came fast but the past was involve and their feeling felt nuture by the time toge...

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