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[Ebook] ➠ God Attacks! By J.R. Kiefer –

God Attacks! God Is Not Dead It Has Merely Slept.God Stirs From Its Enforced Slumber And Its Dreams Of Annihilating That Which Created It In Its Own Image, That Which Drove It Mad A Blinded Mankind.Two Ancient Secret Societies Guard The Secret Of God One Of These Occult Orders Wishes To Enslave And Control The Abominable Thought Form That Is God The Other Wishes To Destroy It And To Free Humanity From The Fetters Of Beliefs Capable Of Creating Such Monsters Of Unholy Destruction Their Directive What Man Has Created, Man Must Destroy.Caught In The Midst Of These Turbulent Cosmic Forces Is The Sleeper Incarnation Of Kirt Tucker, A Neurotic, Semi Suicidal Used Car Salesman, And His Companions Roland, The Country Club Golf Pro, And Celia, The Talented Psychic Join Them On A Non Stop, Page Turning Race To Stay Alive In The Face Of A Psychotic Deity And Its God Awful Minions.God Attacks Is The First Of Two Volumes Of A Tale Where The World Is Turned Upside Down Where Good And Evil, And The Shades Of Gray In Between, Blur In A Belief Bending Thrill Ride Of A Read.Paranormal Fantasy Thriller Supernatural Horror Occult Fiction Intended For Mature Readers.

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    3.5 4 stars Disclaimer I picked this book up after seeing a comment the author made on a discussion board I ll be honest this is the type of book that I most likely would have passed on I tend to be wary of self published or small publishing houses, preferring to read them for the first time when the book comes up as a freebie some place This is because when I first got my Kindle I spent money that could ve been better spent on coffee or even paint chips than the books I brought with it But I wanted to support the author because of his comments and I had just finished reading Literature and The Gods, and this book seemed to be bouncing around a few ideas brought up there The premise is simple Kirt finds himself caught in a fight between god, who isn t what you think he she it is, and the forces battling against god who aren t what you think they are either It s actually a very interesting question and does cut right to the heart about religion is God a being or simply a construct and it is a question that most people have wrestled, thought about, drunk about, or had long conversations over dying fires about usually when drinking a nice Rose I suppose if you are a very religious per...

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    Unlike a lot of the indie books I ve been reading as of late, God Attacks was right up my alley A sci fi thriller with some horror and occult elements Yes, please Though it started out a bit slow, God Attacks soon ramped up into a chilling tale of our unlikely heroes battling the forces of pure evil Kiefer keeps us rooting for Kirt Tucker, the ne er do well borderline alcoholic protagonist who is pressed into service due to an unlikely ancient connection Kiefer did his research.Where the book really shines are the various fight scenes I don t want to seem like a typical gore hound, but I do appreciate some good action in the books I read Kiefer nails it here, especially when he combines the eerie, pure evil of some of our p...

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    Oh, yes he did Kiefer has written a rollicking apocalyptic thriller based on a uniquely blasphemous premise God is not humanity s creator, but its creation and, locked away by spells for millennia, It has become a hateful, barely contained psychotic as a result of the mixed messages it receives from us every minute of every day Now, two factions as old as time are at war one wants to contain God, the other to unleash It Caught in the middle of the apocalyptic muddle is our hero Kirt Tucker, a chronically depressed used car salesman and a very surprised sleeper agent for the forces of humanity Will Kirt and friends prevail, or will God be unleashed to destroy Its tormentors I bought God Attacks as a lark loved the goofy title and the unusual premise and was surprised to find a very good book Both funny and dark, and crazy action packed, with battling secret societies, marauding, body thieving angels, a healthy dollop of gore, and a main character so well drawn that the rea...

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