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!!> Reading ➶ Escape ➮ Author C. Shell –

Escape Abby Chandler Has The Perfect Life At Least That Is What She Thought Until Walking In On Her Boyfriend Connor Having Sex With Another Girl In Their Bed Moving Out Of Their Apartment And Back In Her College Dorms, Abby Is Trying To Put Her Life Back Together With The Help Of Her Best Friend And Her Ex That Has Made An Unexpected Reappearance Back Into Her Life All Is Going Well Except That Connor Refuses To Let Her Move On Without A Fight Connor Loves Abby And Although He Does Not Regret Cheating, He Does Regret Getting Caught Connor Will Use Every Dirty Trick And Resource Available To Get Her Back Abby Is His And He Refuses To Let Her Ruin His Plans At Having A Happy Ever After With Her Who Will Abby Choose Due To Sexual Content And Heavy Subject Matter, This Book Is Recommended For Ages 17

    10 thoughts on “!!> Reading ➶ Escape ➮ Author C. Shell –

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    I m torn on how I feel about this book Don t get me wrong there were many elements I lovers in this book but at the same I felt unfulfilled at the end The characters were well written and coexisted effortless Abby s struggle in the beginning was well written and relatable I loved when she says honey I m home anyways waiting to see what dark and twisted thing Connor did next kept me in suspense and Keith, he was perfect He knew what he wanted and nothing says romance like rekindling with y I m torn on how I feel about this book Don t get me wrong there were many elements I lovers ...

  2. says:

    Boring and predictable, but my main complaint is the lack of contractions used in casual conversation people don t talk like that.

  3. says:

    This novel was crazy, Connor was whacked I couldn t believe that he was such a nut I was glad when the author added Keith s character to the book, instead of it being a purely survivor story, it turned into a delightful romance.

  4. says:

    I had many problems with this novel though One being the MC being too weak and the other being the MC ex the way he was written doesn t seem too believable.

  5. says:

    Very predictable story, the outline was great but the way it was written was dull boring If it was written well without all these edited mistakes this book would have been a lot better.

  6. says:

    3.5 5 stars

  7. says:

    I couldn t get past the lack of contractions, it made the scenes very wooden What killed it for me was the incorrect use of your when it should have been you re For example, one of the sentences stated your mine Abby girl rather than the correct you re mine.

  8. says:

    3 1 2 stars

  9. says:

    Well this was an upsetting book.I liked it but not much.

  10. says:

    A contemporary romance for Adult New Adult, readable storyline and well developed characters.

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