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[Epub] ❧ The Mummyfesto Author Linda Green –

The Mummyfesto When Sam, Jackie And Anna Successfully Campaign To Save Their Children S School Lollipop Lady, They Are Asked By A TV Reporter If They Fancy Standing In The General Election It Is, Of Course, A Crazy Idea Sam S Youngest Son Has An Incurable Disease, Jackie Is Desperate For Another Child And Her Mum Is Struggling With Alzheimers, Anna S Teenagers And Marriage Are In Danger Of Going Off The Rails But Sometimes The Craziest Ideas Turn Out To Be The Best And Just Think What They Could Do If They Got To Run The Country

[Epub] ❧ The Mummyfesto  Author Linda Green –
  • Paperback
  • 457 pages
  • The Mummyfesto
  • Linda Green
  • English
  • 25 April 2019
  • 9781780875224

    10 thoughts on “[Epub] ❧ The Mummyfesto Author Linda Green –

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    I wasn t quite sure what to expect when I started the Mummyfesto, and it did take me a little while to get into it, but I m glad I persisted.Sam, Anna, and Jackie swing into action when they hear their lollipop lady is going to be sacked After a successful campaign, they decide to start their own polit...

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    Being the usual kind of book I d pick up, I had high hopes for this However, my expectations were not fulfilled it was only because I had nothing else accessible when I had time to spare that I persevered, or I d have stopped at the first chapter The entire premise was far shallow than the blurb suggested even for fiction land, what those three women achieved in the matter of a few weeks was not just fanciful, it bordered on the ridiculous The interaction between every character was so PC and right on it made my brain hurt, and every single occasion one of the women spoke to her children, it sounded like she d swallowed a parenting guide.Writing about gritty topics, when people behave and converse so unrealistically, demeans any point the author wants to make If the three women really were pressured, why were they never short with anyone Why did they never lose their rag, even for a moment, like every other parent male or female that I ve ever met Because that wouldn t fit in a world where five year olds have the emotional intelligence of an OAP, and they re constantly upbeat and well behaved where the three main characters are only distinguishable by the people they live with, rather than their personalit...

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    The Mummyfesto is a powerful and inspirational novel that forces people to not just complain, as they so often do, about the unfairness of politics but to actually stand up for their beliefs and change the world for the better Sam s youngest son suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy and when the children s hospital she works for faces yet cutbacks she wants to fight for the hospital so it can continue to help the children and their families Anna is a counsellor for troubled teenagers yet when her eldest daughter is severely bullied she finds it much harder to deal with the implications on her already introvert child She wants to make a difference by grabbing the problem at its core and making schools entirely bully free Jackie divides her time between caring for her mother, who suffers from Alzheimer s Disease and is prone to wandering the streets in a confused state, and trying for another baby with her husband in a desperate attempt to give her only child a brother or sister When the lollipop lady, a woman who helps the children safely cross the road, at the local school is at risk of losing her job because of cutbacks the three women start a campaign to show the politicians that nothing is important to them than the safety of their children Their campaign is a roaring success and quickly evolves into something much bigger The Lollipop Party is born Anna, Jackie and Sam become the voice of the vulnerable people children, the elderly and th...

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    What an emotional roller coaster Struggled to get into this book initially, putting it down half way through and reading two others in the interim However I m happy that I did pick it up again My initial thoughts of it being predictable were correct, on the one hand But that doesn t mean it s not worthy of a read Whi...

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    A wonderful story that will have you laughing and crying Can not recommend it enough

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    When the lollipop lady outside the school Sam s young sons attend is told she is about to lose her job due to government cuts, Sam feels she must do something The lollipop lady is important, keeping the local children safe as they walk to and from school So Sam joins forces with with Jackie and Anna, fellow parents at the school and together they fight the governments decision.Upon their success, Sam is asked whether she would like to form her own political party Sam has never been particularly politically minded before but she s fed up with how the country is being run and decides to form a new family friendly party With friends Jackie and Anna on board, they devise a manifesto or rather a mummyfesto stating their core values and the things they want to change, and throw themselves into the next general election.When I first received The Mummyfesto I was worried it would be too politically heavy for my liking but I found the underlying story was about the three women and their family issues Sam has two young sons, one of which has an incurable disease which has left him wheelchair bound and reliant on machines to keep him healthy Sam works at a children s hospice and when she finds out their government funding is about to be significantly reduced, she s even determined that things must change to support the nation s families.Jackie has family troubles of her own Not only does she hav...

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    I have never read anything by Linda Green before so I was very keen to start on The Mummyfesto.Sam, Jackie and Anna are mothers with children at school After successfully campaigning to save their children s lollipop lady, they find themselves center of attention As a reporter asks them if they ve ever thought of standing in the general election that is coming up soon This idea sticks and soon The Lollipop Party is formed, these are mums on a mission determined to change things for the better Wow what a fantastic idea for a book As soon as I had read the blurb on the back I was very intrigued Mum s running the country Well why not Surely with their experiences as mothers and members of the public, they d be perfect candidates I absolutely loved the idea of three mums banding together and standing in the elections, and their policies made a lot of sense too anti bullying, funded children s hospitals and hospices, for example causes that they and other mothers strongly believe in.I really enjoyed this book I admit it did take me a few chapters to get fully settled into the story and to get my head around the politics side of the novel Although this story isn...

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    Three mothers and hard working ladies who are friends, campaign to save the job of the lollipop lady outside the local school in Yorkshire One of the ladies is a blogger with a mum s type blog which gains a lot of followers so the campaign succeeds and they get local media attention Inspired by the success, the three decide to stand as MPs in the coming election Their manifesto becomes a mummyfesto as they are all about standing up for kids and families and the weaker in society including seniors and children needing hospices It becomes hard for the reader to separate the ladies as they have similar voices and narrate in alternate chapters So it s the one with the boy in the wheelchair, the one who s a youth counsellor with her own moody teens, the one with unexplained infertility who wants a second child Which one has the mother with Alzheimers again Whose husband is a jerk and whose husband is the painter Some famous names appear such as Patrick Stewart, George Galloway, Baroness Warsi, the kind of person that these ladies never thought they would meet and now sit next to at Question Time The local people in Hebden Bridge are well painted, though homogenous no India...

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    I really didn t know what to expect with this book I had heard lots of people raving about it on Twitter and so when it was on offer the weeks it was released I thought that I would pick it up Initially I was a bit worried that I wouldn t be able to understand the politics of it all, but what I actually found was a book I was completely and utterly sucked into I read The Resolution before I read this book and so I had been introduced to all three of the Mums involved in The Mummyfesto I really liked straight talking teacher Jackie I love the fact that she wears high heels even though they are completely impractical for her job as teacher and mum and I thought that her struggle throughout the book and her secrets which I won t reveal, of course were really well written I think that all three Mums, Jackie, Sam and Anna must have been quite difficult to write at some points in the story because they do all go through immense struggles, but I think that this is one of the things which is so endearing about the novel The struggles that they face are real life struggles, and things that so many women and mums out there have to go through and yet they are handled so well and so explained so clearly in this novel.I didn t think at the start of the novel that there would be so many bits that would make me cry, that it ...

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    Three women, who meet regularly in the school playground, have become close friends The book begins with a typical and amusing journey to school for Sam and her sons Then they hear that the school lollipop lady is being made redundant They are horrified and decide to start a petition. which, with the help of their friends, is wildly successful They get on the local news and start brainstorming about what they would do if they were politicians So Sam proposes starting a new political party that puts families first.Most of the book then follows the rapid rise of the Lollipop party, interspersed with events from family life for each of these three women The chapters alternate between each of the three, which works well to give their different perspectives., although I found that two of them had quite similar voices It took a while to get into this book, but then the story moves faster, with difficulties piling high for each family, and towards the end I had to grab a box of tissues for a couple of chapters What happened was not unexpected, but very moving I do have a few small niggles with the novel I felt as if there were rather too many important issues just touched upon, with little realistic resolution I was a disappointed that home education was only mentioned in passing, treated as if it were a poor alternative to school rather than a positive decision T...

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