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Download ☆ S.E.C.R.E.T By L. Marie Adeline –

S.E.C.R.E.TIvot Cassie Rochibaud, Konobarice Koja Radi U Malome Kafi U U New Orleansu, Odvija Se U Jednoli Nom I Predvidljivom Ritmu Nakon Suprugove Smrti Svakodnevica Joj Se Svela Na Uzaludno Ekanje Uzbu Enja Izme U Odlazaka I Dolazaka Na Posao.Kad Jedna Tajanstvena Lijepa Ena Zaboravi Dnevnik U Kafi U, Cassie Ne Mo E Odoljeti Znati Elji I Isku Enju Listaju I Stranice Otkriva Najintimnije Detalje Njezina Ivota I Doznaje Za Glamurozno Tajno Dru Tvo Koje Poma E Enama Da Stupe U Dodir S Najmo Nijim Dijelom Svog Bi A I Ostvare Svoje Najdublje Skrivene Elje Svaka Od Njih Nosi Zlatnu Narukvicu S Privjescima Koji Simboli No Ozna Avaju Korake Prema Svepro Imaju Oj Seksualnoj Emancipaciji.Cassie Se Pridru Uje Ovome Dru Tvu I, Korak Po Korak, Ostvaruje Svoje Fantazije Koje Postaju Sve Intenzivnije I Izazovnije Cassie E Od Povu Ene, Srame Ljive Ene Evoluirati U Enu Razigrane, Putene Seksualnosti.Ona Je Iskoristila Svoju Priliku Za Novi Po Etak.HO ETE LI I VI

Download ☆ S.E.C.R.E.T By L. Marie Adeline –
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • S.E.C.R.E.T
  • L. Marie Adeline
  • English
  • 20 March 2019
  • 9780552169394

    10 thoughts on “Download ☆ S.E.C.R.E.T By L. Marie Adeline –

  1. says:

    This book made me want to do physical harm to my e reader.I m lucky I didn t have it in print because I would crush it and then step on it and then set it on fire OMG One of the most frustrating reads I ve EVER read The story is about Cassie She s 35 and hasn t had sex in 5 years She s not comfortable with herself sexually and doesn t go on dates.She likes her boss, but they are just friends because she said no when he asked her out.She finds a diary in the cafe she works in, and it s full of sexy confessions and whatnot Turns out that the diary is part of a secret organization.You know what that secret organization is called S.E.C.R.E.T Wow, I mean I m in shock by the ingenuity here Anyway, a woman approaches her and offers to help Cassie get in touch with her sexual side, via S.E.C.R.E.T.Pause for a second and imagine this scenario You go into a room, this SECRET headquarters or whatever, and there are a dozen sexy hot men who tell you We are here to fulfill your every desire and to make you feel sexual again Now imagine this scenario You go into a room, this SECRET headquarters or whate...

  2. says:

    Cassie has some self esteem issues The only man who she s ever slept with, her worthless husband, is dead She s a 35 year old waitress who s given up on life and love until a customer drops her diary and Cassie totes reads it And she s shocked The diary is totally naughty town Enter S.E.C.R.E.T., which is like a slutty support group It s basically and 10 step plan for chicks like Cassie to get their grove back Yes, ladies That s right A whole lot of different fantasies, with beautiful, willing men.Did I like this book Indeed, I did.There were some sections of the book where I was all And others parts, where I was like Slowly, through the hottest therapy EVER, Cassie starts to come out of her shell My only complaint was the foc...

  3. says:

    Color me fairly well shockedI really didn t expect to love this book so much It s not a romance It s erotica But it was really good erotica, with a story that resonated with me MY SYNOPSIS Cassie is a widow in her mid thirties living in post Katrina New Orleans And she feels a bit like the citystruggling to stay afloat after her life seems to have stagnated She s living a blah existencewaiting tables, no real drive to pretty herself up, no real love interests, no sex, just her job, her frumpy clothes and her cat in her little boring apartment She notices a couple who always sit in her section at workthe woman poised and confident, the man gorgeous and smittenand both of them seem not only happy, but content And so Cassie starts to wish for She knows that this woman she s become isn t who she really wants to be, her life not what she ever imagined But between her emotionally and physically abusive alcoholic husband and her lack of friends, she doesn t have the confidence or drive to change anythinglet alone the know how Until her mystery couple leaves behind a little notebook one dayand Cassie snoops inside, getting a titillating glimpse of this woman s sexy sexcapades And now, Cassie s desires are awakened, but still with no outlet or confidence.Until the secret of S.E.C.R.E...

  4. says:

    Initial reaction I need to stop letting books with pretty covers fool me But then again, I was fooled by a lot of things about this book This should ve been something I ended up liking Actually, this is probably a book I would ve liked a lot given the elements Self discovery Set in New Orleans Features characters of color in prominent roles Sexy time fantasies with cute guys But instead of Wow all I pretty much got was Ow, ow, ow And that ending THAT ending What on ever lovin Earth was that Argh.Skip this one Please It s not sexy or a true coming of terms, it s really stupid.Full review I think like quite many people, I saw the advertisements flashing along the sidebars in Goodreads for this book and that somewhat played into my reading of this much sooner than I thought I would ve I had an ARC of it from NetGalley, and from reading the premise I was very excited about this book and hoped it would prove to be a good reading experience I love self discovery stories, and that s probably playing into my interest and previous studies work in the spectrum of personal wellness I may have had background exposure in the measure of physical fitness and wellness when it comes to physical mental dimensions, but my passion interest also lends to other dimensions of wellness including spiritual, emotional,...

  5. says:

    LOVED the book but the ending WTF I have so many rants and bitches inside me that I just might burst

  6. says:

    This is a Fifty Shades for grownups Except well written And fun And migods it would be cool to have this sort of thing available.Instead of a quivering virgin awaiting the brutal manipulations of an uber controlling damaged man, here we have a sensible 36 year old who has forgotten how to live Yes, she s sexually dead, but she s also dead in the rest of her life, lacking confidence and zest after a destructive marriage.And so the lucky lucky lucky sorry, some envy here lucky gal gets invited to join a secret society that seeks to enliven her again With some of the most wonderfully written sexual fantasies I ve read in a long time.It helps that the book is set in N awlins, post Katrina, a town as damaged as Cassie was, trying to reclaim its life and sexiness I adore New Orleans in stories and it is definitely a place of my secret fantasies.Unlike the rape oriented 50 Shades, the writer here has put the woman in charge of everything, her fantasies created for her according to her requests by a group of women And instead of endless shouting of Holy S by a character as shallow as that phrase, the main character here has adult thoughts, feelings, some sense of normalcy, a desire to find richness in life as versus finding life in richness.I heard about it on the Current on CBC and ...

  7. says:

    Review posted at Swept Away By Romance3 StarsCassie Robichaud is thirty five, a widow and currently waiting tables at a rundown caf in New Orleans One particular day at work, Cassie discovers a notebook left behind by a mysterious woman The eye opening contents lead her to S E C R E T, an underground society dedicated to helping women realize their wildest, darkest, and most intimate sexual fantasies The S E C R E T motto No judgment No limits No shame Cassie soon begins a journey toward sexual fulfillment and acceptance, experiencing a variety of.everything.I have to admit, when I first stumbled upon this book, I was fascinated with the idea of this story The idea of secret society or not a group of women making it possible for other women to explore their sexuality, their hidden wants and desires, in managed and safe environments was intriguing to me It was my hope that Cassie would take a very personal and emotional journey as well For these reasons, I was excited to begin reading Plus, I have a love of stories set in and around New Orleans, one of my favorite places.What I found most interesting about this story took place in the very beginning I loved the scenes where Cas...

  8. says:

    3.5 stars Cassie s character is very lonely She works at caf Rose working as a waitress She does not have many desires, with low self esteem issues Her husband has died 4 years ago and has not had sex for 5 years That is a long ass time She feels she is done with it all Cassie is 35 years old does not have a life outside being a waitress Then one day she finds this journal at the caf that changes her forever She starts to read the journal and it is very open, talks about the sexual acts this person was going though at the moment So all of this is new for Cassie has she has shut down all the desires she has had and not want to date Anyhow then she finds her self in the situation where she has the choice to join a group called S.E.C.R.E.T This is a 9 step program that takes her on all of her fantasies that she has ever wanted and makes her feel like a woman again I did the strangest thing The strangest thing was done to me I wanted to scream, something happened to me Something is happening to me And I will never be the same again I was not a big fan of Cassie in the beginning She was very boring and not about life or anything But, once she started to open up and embrace her sexual self, I started to warm up to her The fantasies Cassie started to have and actually take place were quite interesting, lovely, and fucking sexy I was quite impressed with her for going through with it all Once Cassie finishes the 9 steps and gets all of the charms for her S.E...

  9. says:

    , , , , , , , Secret , , , , Secret , , , , .

  10. says:

    This book will be a best seller The character carries you along with her as she grows with the secret society The timid widow who works as a waitress in New Orleans takes the steps to become confident and aware The ending caught be From the middle of the book on I was confident that I knew how it would turn out and in the end I was fooled by the author, yet not disappointed in how it turned out It left me looking for to come from these exciting characte...

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