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[PDF] Death of a Kingfisher By M.C. Beaton –

Death of a KingfisherWhen Scotland Is Hit By The Recession, Police Constable Hamish Macbeth Notices That The Highland People Are Forced To Come Up With Inventive Ways To Lure Tourists To Their Sleepy Towns The Quaint Village Of Braikie Doesn T Have Much To Offer, Other Than A Place Of Rare Beauty Called Buchan S Wood, Which Was Bequeathed To The Town The Savvy Local Tourist Director Renames The Woods The Fairy Glen, And Has Brochures Printed With A Beautiful Photograph Of A Kingfisher Rising From A Pond On The Cover It Isn T Long Before Coach Tours Begin To Arrive But Just As The Town S Luck Starts To Turn, A Kingfisher Is Found Hanging From A Branch In The Woods With A Noose Around Its Neck As A Wave Of Vandalism Threatens To Ruin Braikie Forever, The Town Turns To Hamish Macbeth And When Violence Strikes Again, The Lawman S Investigation Quickly Turns From Animal Cruelty To Murder.

[PDF] Death of a Kingfisher By M.C. Beaton –
  • Paperback
  • 279 pages
  • Death of a Kingfisher
  • M.C. Beaton
  • 14 November 2018
  • 9781472103024

    10 thoughts on “[PDF] Death of a Kingfisher By M.C. Beaton –

  1. says:

    Okay I ll admit it, Hamish becomes and appealing with every book I read I find him infuriating, selfish, arrogant yet completely endearing Here he is down at Brailke investigating fairies, kingfishers and psychopaths, whilst trying not to fall in love wit...

  2. says:

    I m a huge fan of this series, but from the first page to the middle of the story, I wondered who had taken over writing these books for MC Beaton and thought he she needed to go back and read the early books This and the book before this is not the Hamish Macbeth mystery I ve come to love and look forward to The writing style is choppier than I remember the other books, too As I got into the book, well in to Chapter 4, it got better and kept my interest Then, near the end, around Chapter 11 or so, it got bad again Not so much the writing as the plot line Russian gangsters, pyshopath children, people we ve never met, and one of the most unsatisfying endings I ve read in a long time On the positive side, the middle section still had the things I look forward to in this series descriptions of scenery, Hamish s love for where he lives, the villagers I ve come to know although not nearly enough or as much as in the past , Ham...

  3. says:

    Another enjoyable one in the Hamish Macbeth series Part of it I suspected, but not in the way which it came about Not really fond of the mystery plot, but I love this series for the characters.

  4. says:

    I have read every one of the Hamish MacBeth books, loved everyone and counted the days until the next one came out, but this one was a disappointment It just wasn t the Hamish we ve come to know and love Dick Fraser, the new constable they gave Hamish to help him was a decent addition The mystery was too jerky and disjointed In all there were 6 murders and that s not counting the Kingfisher and his family It really was all over the place and hard to keep track The two children, 16 and 12, were quite unbelievable can t give you details about them without spoiling it for you and the end left you very deflated.There just wasn t enough interaction with all of the old friends we look forward to seeing when we venture back to Lochdubh.Maybe there have been too many in the series and Ms Beato...

  5. says:

    I love Hamish Macbeth I have read all 28 of the books in the series BUT, I did not enjoy this one as much as the others I felt the author was reaching too far, the mystery was too complicated, the characters too over the top Usually her characters are the center of the story In ...

  6. says:

    Really enjoyed this latest edition to M C Beaton s Death of a series I always enjoy going to Lochdubh in Scotland and finding Hamis MacBeth in his little police station, staying 10 steps ahead of his superiors in Strathbane Death of a Kingfisher is a mystery involving the deaths of 2 individuals in the same village One is a cranky old woman whose family stands to get a lot of money when she dies However, there is a problem with the will The old woman might not win Grandmother of the Year , but compared to her grandkids, she s an angel MacBeth also meets a gorgeous young woman who unfortunately for MacBeth, is married That doesn t stop him from going on at least 2 dinner plates However, one of his ex girlfriends helps him see that what he is doing is wrong and MacBeth does stop pursuing the young lady.Hamish has a new cons...

  7. says:

    Not the Hamish that I have come to know and love I usually love Hamish Macbeth, but in this book, he just doesn t seem to have his most loveable characteristics such as his usual sudden flashes of enlightment and his doggedness once he s getting close to figuring out the mystery, or his wonderful quick wit which I didn t see much in this book The book isn t bad, but it just isn t what I have come to expect from this author The mystery is actually pretty good, but Hamish seemed to be stumbling a bit I like his new constable Dick I think he shows real promise as a foil to Hamish s intelligence I didn t care for how the book ended either since it left a lot of unsettled business which I know will reappe...

  8. says:

    It was great to be back in Hamish land, and while similar details, circumstances, and procedures which are inevitable, this being the 27th book in the series occurred, I still love reading about Hamish, his beasts, and t...

  9. says:

    I got hooked on M C Beaton s Hamish Macbeth series back when I used to drive a lot Notice I said hooked Rather like a trout in Macbeth s lovely Highland village of Lochdubh, I was caught, and now I can t escape the net.The latest entry in the series is Death of a Kingfisher The Kingfisher in this instance is a beautiful bird, the showpiece of The Fairy Glen, a new tourist attraction at the nearby village of Braikie.The locals weren t to happy about The Fairy Glen, not at first, but it s brought tourist traffic and tourist money to an economically depressed area of Sutherland, and the owner, Mary Leinster, has charmed the pants off of any opposition In the case of her male opposition, possibly literally She s also played successfully on long held superstitions Mary doesn t just claim to have the second sight , her vision of a boy falling in the pond came true, and the boy nearly drowned.But the death of the beautiful kingfisher was no accident the bird, his mate and their chicks were poisoned.The kingfisher is the first to die, but not the last And the other deaths are human First a wealthy and elderly woman dies when her motorized wheelchair lift practically skyrockets her up a staircase, and it is discovered that the seatbelt of the chair was tampered with The woman may have been a cantankerous old baggage, but she didn t deserve to fly through her own skylight Then it s discovered that she was robbed before she was killed.After that, murders turn up all over...

  10. says:

    This book was one of the better Hamish Macbeth stories The mystery was interesting and it didn t dwell too much on Hamish s convoluted love life except for when it is directly involved in the case However, I can t help but feel that Beaton doesn t know when to end a story The mystery seems complete and coming to a natural conclusion, but th...

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