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✅ Disasters in Field Research PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Gillian H. Ice –

Disasters in Field Research Field Research Presents Many Challenges And Opportunities For Mishap Abound This Book Offers Students And Researchers An Overview Of Problems Associated With Doing International Fieldwork And Provides Practical Suggestions For Preparation To Try To Avoid Or Minimize The Impact Of Unexpected Negative Events For Example, Researchers May Face Difficulty In Getting Permits Or Having Those Revoked Cultural Differences And Misunderstandings Can Lead To Disruption In Data Collection The Political Situation In Many Developing Countries Can Be Unpredictable Equipment Can Be Held Up In Customs Such Stories Of Real Life Disasters Are Included From Active Researchers In A Variety Of Disciplines Researchers Describe What Happened, How They Solved Or Failed To Solve The Problem, And What They Would Recommend To Avoid The Problem In The Future Ice, Discuss Lessons Learned And Give Practical Suggestions For Either Avoiding Potential Disasters Or Revising Research Protocols To Recover From Such A Disaster This Is An Excellent Companion Book For Field Methods Courses In A Variety Of Disciplines.

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