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➺ Nightmare Magazine 33: June 2015 Download ➽ Author John Joseph Adams –

Nightmare Magazine 33: June 2015NIGHTMARE Is An Online Horror And Dark Fantasy Magazine In NIGHTMARE S Pages, You Will Find All Kinds Of Horror Fiction, From Zombie Stories And Haunted House Tales, To Visceral Psychological Horror.This Month, We Have Original Fiction From Maria Dahvana Headley The Cellar Dweller And Dale Bailey Snow , Along With Reprints By Sarah Langan The Changeling And Chet Williamson The Music Of The Dark Time.We Also Have The Latest Installment Of Our Column On Horror, The H Word, Plus Author Spotlights With Our Authors, A Showcase On Our Cover Artist, And A Feature Interview With Lucy A Snyder.

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    Nightmare Magazine continues to offer a great, affordable look into current and past horror dark fantasy short fiction I enjoyed the original fiction in this month s issue the most Maria Dahvana Headley, who s getting praise for her recently new novel offers a story born from a Twitter conversation The plot and characters of the story weren t what I appreciated most about it, but rather the atmosphere of the text and Headley s inventive, poetic writing word lay that really forms the basis of it all Dale Bailey shines as typical with a story that may not be deep but provides wonderful horror tension and grips the reader with superb storytelling For the nonfiction, I m finding the H word column to often be too basic and cursory, not particularly enlightening I wish would go into greater depths or say something that a common genre fan wouldn t already app...

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