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[KINDLE] ❄ Navigating Chaos ❧ Jeff Boss –

Navigating Chaos Jeff Boss Has Faced And Overcome Uncertainty In The Most Tumultuous Circumstances As A Navy SEAL, He Worked In Some Of The Most Unforgiving Environments On Earth And Faced Enemies That Constantly Changed, Much Like Today S Business Landscape In A World Of Chaos, How Do Individuals And Teams Stay Together To Find Certainty In A World Where There Is Anything But This Book Reveals How Using Anecdotal Experiences From Both The Military And Business Worlds, Boss Highlights The Mindset And Practical Steps Of How People And Organizations Can Forge Certainty Amidst Inevitable Chaos.

[KINDLE] ❄ Navigating Chaos  ❧ Jeff Boss –
  • Hardcover
  • 294 pages
  • Navigating Chaos
  • Jeff Boss
  • 03 February 2017
  • 9781941729069

    10 thoughts on “[KINDLE] ❄ Navigating Chaos ❧ Jeff Boss –

  1. says:

    What a great bookA fantastic book on how to thrive in chaos and uncertainty Very well written and researched and most importantly backed by experience The book teaches you how to deal with chaos via individual discipline and developing organizational culture and climate that develops mutual trust through building relationships that share information up down and across all channels which leads to the left hand knowing what the right hand is doing This leads to building adaptability at the lowest level, those closest to the action Using tools such as after action reviews and simply getting people out of their solos so information is shared collaboratively allows organizations to build that team spirit that allows them t...

  2. says:

    I ve already read this once and am now Re reading it as part of a leadership book club I ve used the teaching many times over and cant wait to discuss this with friends so that they can take what Jeff has to teach and apply to their daily lives.

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