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[Reading] ➿ Binti Author Nnedi Okorafor –

BintiHer Name Is Binti, And She Is The First Of The Himba People Ever To Be Offered A Place At Oomza University, The Finest Institution Of Higher Learning In The Galaxy But To Accept The Offer Will Mean Giving Up Her Place In Her Family To Travel Between The Stars Among Strangers Who Do Not Share Her Ways Or Respect Her Customs.Knowledge Comes At A Cost, One That Binti Is Willing To Pay, But Her Journey Will Not Be Easy The World She Seeks To Enter Has Long Warred With The Meduse, An Alien Race That Has Become The Stuff Of Nightmares Oomza University Has Wronged The Meduse, And Binti S Stellar Travel Will Bring Her Within Their Deadly Reach.If Binti Hopes To Survive The Legacy Of A War Not Of Her Making, She Will Need Both The Gifts Of Her People And The Wisdom Enshrined Within The University, Itself But First She Has To Make It There, Alive.

[Reading] ➿ Binti Author Nnedi Okorafor –
  • Paperback
  • 90 pages
  • Binti
  • Nnedi Okorafor
  • English
  • 05 August 2018
  • 9780765385253

    10 thoughts on “[Reading] ➿ Binti Author Nnedi Okorafor –

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    I enjoyed the novella s grounding in cultural differences and the twist of a strong math Harmonizer tech, and while I also appreciate the fundamental message of acceptance, I had a really hard time with the message s the execution here.Don t get me wrong, the writing was good and I loved the firm opening leading to a great horror tale set in a well imagined SF universe, complete with a reverse fish out of water twist It s what happened afterward that I take umbrage.I like tales of acceptance It is a core trope of SF, for heaven s sake.What I don t like is a completely insane turnaround in a plot firmly rooted in terrorism and attempted mass murder of view spoiler a whole university after the aliens killed almost everyone on Binti s spacecraft And it was all done because the ...

  2. says:

    WINNER 2015 nebula for best novella shows what i know and now hugo winner, too i cannot be trusted to speak about books i know nothing having been gleefully freeloading off the free tor shorts for years now, i absolutely want to support tor in their buy some novellas, cheapskate endeavor, especially since the first one i read Every Heart a Doorway was one of the best things i have ever read ever but even though Binti won was nominated for a billion awards, it was only medium enjoyable for me i d read Lagoon by this author, with the same general reaction even though I KNOW everyone tells me Who Fears Death is incredible, and i believe them and i will read that one, because every author gets three chances with me this is the first book in what i expect will be a trilogy, and it s only 90 pages, so it s hard to be hypercritical of it, although just now reading the synopsis for part 2, it takes place a year later, so i guess this part of it is over and i can be as critical as with any other book so first, the good things i really like the character 16 year old binti comes from the isolated himba region whose desert community holds fast to its customs and where the emphasis is on family, science, and a connection to the land so deep that no one ever leaves their homeland however, binti, despite the privileges of her family, cannot refuse the unprecedented opportunity to study at the oozma university, which offer has never bef...

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    I like originality and I also like a story told economically and writer Nnedi Okorafor gets my high praise in both categories for her 2015 novella Binti.Okorafor has created in Binti a speculative fiction gem where a reader is led along a culturally alien yet approachable thrill ride At once fascinating and hair raising, Okorafor has crafted a dynamic tension that grips the reader throughout this short work.Binti is a student who has been accepted into a far future academy and chooses to attend the university over the protests and prohibitions of her traditional and isolationist family Being the first of her family from a rural area of Earth, itself described as something of a planetary backwater, to go to this school is difficult enough for Binti, but Okorafor then introduces a far dangerous cultural conflict through which Binti...

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    This is cute, I guess Imaginative Fresh But yet lacking so much of what makes a cohesive seamless narrative that I am indeed surprised to see that it won the Nebula Award I hate to call this one childish for the one reason good stories aimed at the youngsters should possess the wonderful level of imagination and complexity And this one has all the foundations, so wonderfully laid out in its strong beginning, promising the strangeness of mathematical reasoning weaved together with the tribal culture rites But, sadly, the promising start quickly disintegrates into a story that blithely speeds along to the conclusion it desires while ignoring character building, logic, and any resemblance to the actual complexity in the interpersonal interspecies here, I guess relationships.I guess I must call this story, despite the imaginative and fresh initial premise, just simplistic and naive Because this is how we wish the world would work forgiving any murder or war and accepting your enemies once a miscommunication of sorts h...

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    I expected darkness to envelop me as I read this, but instead, I was introduced to a world that, as unwelcoming as it may seem, does actually understand human and alien suffering and is open to creating alliances with presumed enemies Binti is gifted so gifted that she was accepted to the Oomza University, the first of her community to study there From the moment she steps foot outside of her home, she realizes how unwelcome and misunderstood her group the Himba people is.But she doesn t let that affect her What does affect her, quite quickly, is the Meduse, who can kill human beings in less than a second When she comes in contact with them, she doesn t expect to live till the end of the hour So far it looks very intense, doesn t it And indeed it is, but it is the sort of intensity found in books that are written not to shock, spook or terrify, but to show that change can be achieved if one is courageous enough to attempt it, and Binti certainly is Except, she s also young I don t remember her age being mentioned, but I would assume she s between 18 and 20 And it shows She may ...

  6. says:

    Binti is a curious little novella by Okorafor, an author who has been my radar for bringing winds of Africa into science fiction and fantasy, and it does not disappoint A sixteen year old woman of the Himba tribe has been accepted into the prestigious Oomza University on a mathematics scholarship The trouble is, we Himba don t travel We stay put Our ancestral land is life move away from it and you diminish We even cover our bodies with it Here, in the launch port I was an outsider I was outside An auspicious, classic beginning, one that captures the uncertainty of an unusually talented woman stretching beyond her tightly knit culture to experience something larger No matter what choice I made, I was never going to have a normal life, really Okorafor deftly creates Binti s character, bringing to mind the old days when I was seventeen and heading off across the country to college Binti also faces all the prejudices that come from those unfamiliar with her culture However, once she gets to the transport ship, she meets other young people also heading to the University and begins to find a kind of equilibrium and friendship Until the Meduse come, five days before they are supposed to arrive at Uni.Once the alien Meduse attack, it evolves into first a survival story and then an alien outreach, with the plotting and writing less deft as the themes shift Another incomprehensible alien artifact becomes a deux ex machina u...

  7. says:

    This was one of the most creative books I ve read in a while Very interesting concepts but I wanted will definitely pick up the next one when it s out

  8. says:

    Nnedi Okorafor s Binti is a beautifully written and engaging science fiction tale which, despite its length, has the feel of an epic In the story, Binti leaves her tribe in Namibia to go off planet to study at the Oomza Uni Binti s people are obsessed with knowledge however, they do not travel they stay on their original homelands on Earth Binti, bringing her people s culture with her into the galaxy, will prove to be a notable exception Before they mak...

  9. says:

    I previously rated this book 4 stars but now that I think of it, its not worth 4 stars so I am removing 1 star.Binti is a Himba She lives in a city and crafts astrolabes with her father She got selected for the Oomza University that is on another planet She is the first one to be selected from her tribe as well as her city Her family is against her going to the university so she flee to the town in the dark of night On her way to the other planet, their spaceship got attacked by the aliens Aliens with tentacles..I loved the world building The description of how their spaceship is built and all that However I managed to find few plot holes in the story view spoiler How did the folks from another planet managed to steal from the head of aliens if they were so fierce and have supe...

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    But deep down inside me, I wanted I needed it I couldn t help but act on it The urge was so strong that it was mathematical Nnedi Okorafor, BintiI can t believe this won a Hugo and a Nebula award Apparently this is supposed to be a science fiction novella, offering a protagonist from an African background who is a genius at mathematics and who leaves her tribe to go to Oomza university on another planet Unfortuna...

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