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Double DeuceHawk Wants Spenser To Wage War On A Street Gang Susan Wants Spenser To Move In With Her Either Way, Spenser S Out Of His Element So Why Not Risk Both Spenser Fans Will Love It Kirkus Reviews Deuce S Snappy Dialogue, Timely, Fast Paced Action And Quick Characterizations Make It Classic Spenser Publisher S Weekly

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    Double Deuce is perhaps the biggest missed opportunity of the entire Parker series, in my opinion Coming on the heels of Pastime, and though a good read overall, it suffers from the same malady as that book too much Spenser and Susan Silverman, too much psychobabble Pastime should have had Vinnie, and Double Deuce should have had far of Hawk and his connection to the ghetto from which he d made his way out, at great cost I m aware that people point to this as Hawk s book because of the overall story line, but having read this several times over the years, and now re reading it, my disappointment is palpable By shifting the focus of the series to Spenser and Susan, which really began in Valediction with another missed opportunity, it s as if Parker could not allow Hawk to have the depth and backstory he deserved, placing him on equal footing with Spenser and Susan So Parker kept the story line to a formula of dialog and psychobabble, and Susan Lots of Susan.While this entry seemed like a cool one when I first read it all those years ago, reading it now I can see what might have been not just for Hawk, but the entire series Spenser gives us a wonderful opening, as young Devona Jefferson clings to her baby in the projects and is brutally gunned down By having t...

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    It s not a bad book, not really Nothing Parker writes is bad But not only does it seem formulaic many of the later Spensers seem formulaic but it also seems inauthentic and tentative, two qualities Parker is seldom guilty of.The story is simple Hawk has decided to help out his new lady friend, an investigative journalist, by cleaning out the gang in the local housing project Double Deuce it has the number 22 in its street address Seems the gang is responsible for a particularly egregious shooting, the murder of a fourteen year old mother Devona and her three month old daughter Crystal Of course he asks his old friend Spenser to help him, and of course Spenser accepts Double Deuce 1992 came out the same year as Richard Price s Clockers, but Parker s book has nowhere near the command of the dialogue, atmosphere and practical psychology of the projects which Price demonstrates in his memorable novel Double Deuce seems somewhat inauthentic I think that Parker to his credit knows this And that s where the tentativeness comes in.He even ...

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    Fueled by an explosive opening which sees a teenage mother gunned down in a ghetto along with her newborn child, Double Deuce throws Spencer and Hawk into a highly dangerous and volatile situation Given the task to do what the authorities cant, the duo situate themselves right in the middle of Hobart the ghetto amongst drug dealers, murderers, and childhood thugs Initially as a show of strength and stubbornness to deter the waring gangs from further activity, their role encompasses added prominence when a local reporter joins their stake outs to chronicle on gang violence and the affects on the community Robert B Parker holds no punches with this one despite being somewhat formulaic, there is one noticeable difference from other Spencer PI novels I ve read, that being sidekick Hawk In Double Deuce it s Hawk who takes the primary role We get a glimpse into the checkered past and hard knock life of the bad guy turned good but also gain an appreciation for the man he wants to be It was interesting to watch Hawk s love interest play out, first from a spectator to almost feeling the same emotions as Hawk by novels end The scenes between Major t...

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    You working on anything Hawk asked I was thinking about breakfast, I said I might need some support, Hawk said You might Yeah Pay s lousy How much I said I m getting nothing I ll take half, I said You ain t worth half, Hawk said Besides, I got the job and already put in a lot of time on it Give you a third Cheap bastard, I said Take it or leave it, Hawk said Okay, I said, you got me over a barrel I m in for a third A teen age mother and her baby daughter get gunned down at a housing project known as the Double Deuce Some local residents and community activists get Hawk to agree to run off the gang bangers and try to find the killers Hawk asks Spenser to help, and they quickly clash with the gang leader, a young thug named Major Spenser has other issues, too He moves in with Susan and cohabitation is causing trouble for the two lovebirds that makes cleaning up Boston s gang problem look easy by comparison.Robert B Parker was often asked if he d ever do a novel just about Hawk, and his standard...

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    The word maroon appears once in this novel Certainly the weakest of the Spenser so far Too many dull and repetitive pages And sadly, no sympathetic characters, no heroes The thing is, you can tell in this book that the reconciliation between Parker and his wife in RL is not working yet There is no real heart in the story, the prose is a bit strained and dull Parker is just putting one foot in front of the other while he and Joan find a way to live in the same house in RL again Their intoxication with the dog as offspring is pretty irritating, as well Lets have a baby to fix our marriage , it seems This rarely works, as babies turn the stress levels way up Sometimes the increased stress forces the parents to grow, and save the marriage Usually, the children only glue together the parents for a few years, sadly The failure of Parker and Joan to find a formula for living together, so far, weighs h...

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    Read out of order and probably the third Spenser read for me, I just discovered with this book that Spenser was a series It was fine, the book, but read during the period when I was just rediscovering my passion for reading and at the same time attempting to define for myself, exactly what genre and authors, I enjoyed I found myself becoming particular about what books I read, what subjects I enjoyed This was pre Goodreads for me Before I found that other readers had questions, thoughts and opinions about books the same as I had Soon afterward the sun broke through the clouds and I discovered youfriends with similar interests on Jeff Yoak was my first friend and what a great introduction to Goodreads, through Jeff s friendship He was and still is friendly, down to earth, smart as a whip i.e intellectual and welcoming My good fortune, Jeff Yoak, as my first GR friend and because of our mutual interest in Robert B Parker and...

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    It s been way too long since I read a Spenser book This book immediately got my attention with the way it started A murder.The theme of this book is African American Gangs in Boston RBP did his research I learned a lot Not only about this subject but about the characters, Spenser, Hawk and Susan.A young girl and her baby are murdered The neighborhood reaches out to Hawk and asks him to get the gang out of the Double Deuce He asks Spenser to help him.Spenser and Susan are living together Hawk has a...

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    Wow, I m floored that so many people liked this book It was exactly okay for me I could have watched an episode of NYPD Blue and had exactly the same affect, but with better regional dialogue The idea that Robert Parker knew gang street lingo is ridiculous and or that he knew how to speak like a black person from the ghetto because he improperly conjugated his verbs was preposterous Not quite as preposterous as the idea that two middle aged cops would bring down an entire street gang, but preposterous, nonetheless.Once I got past all of that, the story was fine Entertaining Okay It was worth a beach read, a Sunday afternoon fix, a bench in the park, a doctor s office readwhich is exactly what it was for me, so it was exactly okay.I found myself turning back to the cover and saying, Really, this was a New York Times Best Seller Still, I had a few chuckles, and I did relate on a few occasions.I feel bad giving it a less than great review, since Robert Parker died in January, but it is w...

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    Not, in my opinion, one of the better Spenser reads Low on the humor, low on the story side Quick read, two nights before sleep Would have hated to have paid the suggested retail value on this book.

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    I really like these.

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