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[ PDF ] ✪ The Spectacle of Skill Author Robert Hughes –

The Spectacle of Skill I Am Completely An Elitist, In The Cultural But Emphatically Not The Social Sense I Prefer The Good To The Bad, The Articulate To The Mumbling, The Aesthetically Developed To The Merely Primitive, And Full To Partial Consciousness I Love The Spectacle Of Skill, Whether It S An Expert Gardener At Work, Or A Good Carpenter Chopping Dovetails I Don T Think Stupid Or Ill Read People Are As Good To Be With As Wise And Fully Literate Ones I Would Rather Watch A Great Tennis Player Than A Mediocre One Consequently, Most Of The Human Race Doesn T Matter Much To Me, Outside The Normal And Necessary Frame Of Courtesy And The Obligation To Respect Human Rights I See No Reason To Squirm Around Apologizing For This I Am, After All, A Cultural Critic, And My Main Job Is To Distinguish The Good From The Second RateRobert Hughes Wrote With Brutal Honesty About Art, Architecture, Culture, Religion, And Himself He Translated His Passions Of Which There Were Many, Both Positive And Negative Brilliantly, Convincingly, And With Vitality And Immediacy, Always Holding Himself To The Same Rigorous Standards Of Skill, Authenticity, And Significance That He Did His Subjects There Never Was, And Never Will Be Again, A Voice Like This In This Volume, That Voice Rings Clear Through A Gathering Of Some Of His Most Unforgettable Writings, Culled From Nine Of His Most Widely Read And Important Books This Selection Shows His Enormous Range And Gives Us A Uniquely Cohesive View Of Both The Critic And The Man Most Revealing, And Most Thrilling For Hughes S Legions Of Fans, Are The Never Before Published Pages From His Unfinished Second Volume Of Memoirs These Last Writings Show Robert Hughes At The Height Of His Powers And Can Be Read Only With Pleasure And A Tinge Of Sadness That His Extraordinary Voice Is No Longer Here To Educate Us As Well As To Clarify And Define Our World.

[ PDF ] ✪ The Spectacle of Skill  Author Robert Hughes –
  • Hardcover
  • 688 pages
  • The Spectacle of Skill
  • Robert Hughes
  • 13 May 2019
  • 9781400044450

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    I was extraordinarily lucky I read the collected essays both of James Baldwin and the Spectacle of Skill New and Selected Writings of Robert Hughes Both men were brilliant masters of the English language Robert Hughes was raised in Australia where he was educated in a Jesuit school, and he learned classical English literature and Latin he would be fluent in Spanish and Catalan, and perhaps Italian and French He left Australia to become one of the most prominent art critics in the English language His series for the BBC, The Shock of the New, about modern art, was later expanded into a book which I also have He was noted for a balanced, witty style and in the stylish world of New York art, being somewhat of an ornery conservative But he was conservative in the best of ways, with a broad world view and a profound understanding of history It was true, as he sadly noted, that the art of his time did away with much of the technical mastery that had been learned in the past, but that as he refused to note was part of its purpose He became the art critic for Time Magazine and mingled with the rich and the famous Of a meeting with Jerzy Kosinski He was quick, arrogant, nervous, with bad teeth and a raptor s nose like an ill preserved but dangerous hawkHe told hilarious stories about his visit to Tunisia, as President Bo...

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    I like Robert Hughes writing and criticism Along with Peter Fuller, he has been for me a most influential art critic whose work I first came across with the blockbuster that every young art student came across in The Shock of the New Nothing If Not Critical Selected Essays on Art and Artists is a tour de force of art critical writing which anybody seriously interested in painting should have read The Fatal Shore The Epic of Australia s Founding was Hughes attempt to understand the history of his own country, and the books on Barcelona and Rome A Cultural, Visual, and Personal History are deep rooted than travelogues I ve read most of his work including the one not excerted here, Culture of Complaint The Fraying of America I admit I nearly sent The Spectacle of Skill back when I found that I had read most of the excerpts in the main books but I didn t and am glad to have read Hughes brilliant prose again But it is than that Hughes stands for not only a period of reviewing by people steeped in art and painting but al...

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    Some fascinating sections about artists I admire like Rauschenberg, Gaudi and Wyeth and lots of really eye opening information about Australia and the dearth of art and art scholarship here in the fifties I like how Hughes ...

  4. says:

    Lucid and piercing Hughes analysis of painted art since the early 2oth century is right on target.

  5. says:

    Marred only by an introduction by the seriously unserious Adam Gopnik.

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    Such is the talent of the late Robert Hughes, art critic for Time magazine for over thirty years and creator of the BBC TV series about modern art, The Shock of the New , that he could write about a telephone book and make it interesting The Spectacle of Skill New and Selected Writings of Robert Hughes , contains a posthumous collection of Hughes highest literary achievements, with selections from prior works such The Shock of the New and Things I Didn t Know , the memoir of his life and career prior to his hiring by Time magazine The book concludes with an excerpt from Hughes unfinished memoir which would have picked up where Things I Didn t Know left off In his criticism, Hughes pen was sharp and often eviscerating His withering comments about the numbing quality of Warhol s soup cans or Jean Michel Basquiat on the latter, The only thing the market liked better than a hot young artist was a dead hot young artist are a treat not to be missed But Hughes doesn t just snipe or praise Spectacle reminds us of the ever present clarity and depth of his analyses He was highly skeptical of artists who,...

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    Stunning writing and ideas Very funny jaded observation the inside story to a rather craven art world Good reading for cynical artists and antipodeans.

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    A very good selection from his published writings as well as his from his previously unpublished continuation of his memoirs His writing is clear and evocative and I could happily have read a book twice as long.

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