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[Read] ➬ Minotaur By J.A. Rock –

Minotaur Know This I Am Not A Warrior I Am A Disease.When I Was Six, My Parents Died.When I Was Sixteen, I Was Locked Away In Rock Point Girls Home Nobody Wants To Deal With A Liar An Addict A Thief.Nobody Except Alle She Is Pure, And She S My Friend In Spite Of All The Rotten Things I Am There Was Once Another Girl Like Me Long Ago A Cast Off Daughter A Lying Little Beast Who Left A Red Stain Across The Land With Her Terrible Magic She S Imprisoned Now In A Maze High Up On The Cliffs They Say She S Half Woman, Half Bull They Say She Dines On Human Tributes And Guards A Vast Treasure They Say She Was Born Wicked.But I Know Her Better Than The History Books Or Stories Do She And I Dream Together Our Destinies Are Twisted Up Like Vines.Except I M Not Going To Turn Out Wicked Like She Is I Can Save Myself By Destroying Her I M Going To Break Out Of This Place, And I M Going To Enter The Labyrinth And Take Her Heart.And Once I M Redeemed, Maybe Alle Will Love Me.

[Read] ➬ Minotaur  By J.A. Rock –
  • Paperback
  • 275 pages
  • Minotaur
  • J.A. Rock
  • English
  • 20 May 2018
  • 9781626493131

    10 thoughts on “[Read] ➬ Minotaur By J.A. Rock –

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    DNF at 18% No rating on this one but it was weird.

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    after that amazing blurb, there is no fucking way i m not reading this.

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    I went into this book thinking it would be a certain way and ended up with something very different Because of this, I ll tell you what this book isn t and then what it is.It is not a badass heroine adventure story I was thinking hoping it would be something along the lines of Tiana Warner s Ice Massacre and this is far from it It is not a warm and fuzzy coming of age romance.It does not have an all together likable protagonist.The book centers on a girl in her late teens but I wouldn t necessarily call this a YA book, either, due to darker and mature content Then again, my favorite book as a teenager, that I must ve read twenty times over, was about a former druggie, depressed girl living in her estranged father s house after her mother committed suicide and she herself was ostracized from her school due to unwittingly playing a part in getting a popular girl murdered and who s ex boyfriend happened to be the murderer so what do I know It s a fuzzy line sometimes.That said, the book isn t bad, eitherdepending on what you re looking for Thera is a surly, unlikable narrator for the story and is far from good She s a traumatized, neglected and rejected sixteen year old who we meet as she enters a girls home The first 60% of the book takes place in this home where she meets Alle, the girl she comes to love, along with a couple of girls she befriends that are just as unsavory as she is During he...

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    This title was provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.From the summary blurb and cover, this looked like a decent female centric fantasy adventure story maybe even a bit of urban fantasy with a little Greek mythology thrown in Unfortunately, none of that is the case here I found the entire story disjointed and actually rather boring Most of the story takes place in a home for wayward girls following a protagonist who is in desperate need of a good slap I couldn t get behind her, her quest to kill the minotaur which she gives herself or less out of the blue , or her claim that the minotaur shares dreams with her in no part of the book does this seem to even happen even though that s the claim on the book s dust jacket Throughout the book I had a difficult time figuring where or when it is taking place at times it sounds like modern times, and at others...

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    Our story is very simple A girl who was scared loved one who was brave A girl fool enough to try to play hero saw the underlying hornlessness of monsters And in a sweet shock of ruin, two women found forgiveness, and they held each other in the wreckage left by one for whom forgiveness meant nothing That is a tale ornery in its rejection of heroes, in its changeable villain, in its unwillingness to yield to invention.Minotaur is most compelling because of its absolute unique setting and characters.The setting is a mix of contemporary and mythos, neither being solely one but always intermingling.I am not a contemporary reader at heart I do enjoy these books now and then, but what gets me really enthusiastic is if you add a fantastical element to a story or make it the sole focus of it Be it paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, steampunk or anything else, that is what makes my heart beat faster, that is what fills me with awe and wonder If these books have the main purpose of being a fun read, thats great and I just love to dive into another world and have a good time If these books add a deeper meaning, philosophical questions...

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    Thera Ballard is an orphan, her elderly aunt can t handle her so she drops her off at Rock Point, a home for unwanted girls Thera Ballard is a drug user, a thief, and a bully Thera Ballard is a liar, she tells anyone who will listen that her mother killed her father with an ax, or was it father killed the mother Thera Ballard is really just a girl, like any other girl her age, trying to find out where she fits in But then, Thera Ballard wants than anything to be a warrior so she can slay the Minotaur and win acclaim and fortune The Minotaur, besides being a creature out of Greek legend, is a very real fear in Thera s hometown She is an actual monster, confined to a maze high up in the cliffs on the outskirts of town They send her human tribute and pray she never escapes Thera embarks on a quest to slay the Minotaur and in the process she finds herself This was a difficult review to write I enjoyed the underlying story, but found it difficult to connect with the characters Perhaps this is because instead of an angsty teen I m a middle aged woman I m sure that the intended audience, a young female who is still fresh to feelings of love and loss, who thinks that one day she will save the ...

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    First and foremost a special thank you to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review I wanted so much to like this book than I did It has all the props and bearings of a story that speaks to my heart mixed media narratives a wayward institute housing a menagerie of atypical girls a minotaur with overtones of lesbian symbolism e.g., how the characters in the wayward institute referred to women of a certain persuasion as unnatural BD s an urban setting that feels as tangible as it does fantastical.Unfortunately, the pieces never seemed to summon anything to life for than a few disparate passages at a time however, the fragments that did work, were incredibly magical absolutely stunning, even Thera s monstrous heroism and her quest for redemption is a beautiful thing, yet unfortunately it only exists in spurts amidst poor attempts of world building e.g., the notes left between the staffers of the wayward institute that tak...

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    Review Scattered Thoughts And Rogue Words1.5 starsThis is the first F F book I ve ever read, so when Melanie asked if I was interested, I wasn t sure at first But I really liked When All the World Sleeps by J.A Rock and Lisa Henry, so I figured I might as well give it a try The reason why I really didn t like this book isn t that it s F F, I didn t mind that part, though it probably isn t really for me Anyway, I couldn t stand Thera from the start She s not an evil woman, or even dangerous She s just an angry, whiny teenager, who hates the world She s selfish, incredibly annoying and not exactly the brightest out there She goes off to slay a monster and doesn t even think about bringing a weapon till it s too late Seriously She lies for absolutely no reason whatsoever, even to Alle, who she s oh so in love with Something I didn t buy, by the way When Alle doesn t behave the way Thera wants her to, she s furious and throws a temper tantrum And as soon as she gets the opportunity, she cheats on her What kind of love is that supposed to be Then ...

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    Rating 4 out of 5 I received an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for a fair and honest review Know this I am not a warrior I am a disease Minotaur was most definitely not what I was expecting, but in the best way possible Instead of the young adult adventure story that I was expecting based on the summary, I found myself completely absorbed by a spellbinding tale of monsters, redemption, and love.Told from the point of view of Thera, a sixteen year old orphan, Minotaur weaves mythology and the real world together in the small town of Rock Hill, which is still recovering from a monster attack years before Thera is the first to admit that she s villain than hero, with substance abuse and authority problems a mile long, but through her eyes we see that good and evil aren t as clearly defined as people want to bel...

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