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[[ PDF / Epub ]] ☂ Vampire Poison I Author P.K. Allen –

Vampire Poison I Take A Sensual Thrill Ride Through The Elite Circles Of The Vampire World.For Sleek And Sexy Vampire Diana Devereaux Hunting And Killing For Her Dreadful Master Is All She S Ever Known The Terrible Tragedy Of The Werewolf Infested Ruins Of 1906 San Francisco Left Her Devastated, Shaping Her In The Century That Followed, And At The Hands Of Her Cruel Maker And Master She S Been Forged Into A Cold And Legendary Assassin.Until An Opulent Masquerade Ball Unexpectedly Explodes Into A Desperate Getaway On The Run With Her New Vampire Lover No Moments Have Ever Been Sweeter, And Her Passions Burn Hotter Than The Sun That Would Destroy Her The Hunters Are Coming, Danger Stalks Their Every Step, And A Mysterious And Powerful Group Known Only As The Cabal Aids In Their Escape To Europe To A Secret Place High In The Alps Where Supernatural Fugitives Go To Hide.But She Is Quietly Terrified, For In Her Heart She Knows Her Vicious Vampire Master Will Never Let Her Go

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    Yea I luv This book is about 1 part romance, 1 part action, and 2 parts drama The only reason I give this book a 4 and not five is lack of intensity and evenness and flow between the parts I love the way Diana Devereaux is basically throughout the book dubbed the ultimate femme fatale, yet delivers Often this clich is undeveloped and the reader is just taking the characters at their word, but there s enough flowery or should I say dark flowery description here to make this term for her believable The best scene of the book was during Diana s kidnapping and restraint by the twisted masochist ...

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