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[ Reading ] ➿ A Mad Zombie Party Author Gena Showalter –

A Mad Zombie PartyThe Battle Rages On Ali Bell And Cole Holland S Crew Of Zombie Slayers Thought They D Won The War Against Anima Industries, The Evil Company Responsible For Capturing And Experimenting On Zombies In An Effort To Discover The Secret To Immortality In The Last Epic Clash, The Slayers Lost Many Of Their Crew And Closest Friends But Frosty, The Ice Man Himself, Has Not Recovered From One Casualty In Particular The Love Of His Life, Kat Parker On The Path To Self Annihilation, Frosty Receives A Message From Beyond Kat S Spirit Returns, Insisting He Partner With Rogue Slayer Camilla Marks Frosty Will Do Anything For Kat Except That Camilla Is The One Who Betrayed Them All, Leading To Kat S Death But When Anima Rises From The Grave To Become A Force The Slayers May Not Have The Strength To Overcome, Frosty, Camilla And All The Slayers Will Have To Work Together To Survive And One Broken Slayer Will Learn That Sometimes, The Line Between Hate And Attraction Is Blurred And The Road To Redemption Isn T Through Revenge, But In Letting Go Of The Past And Grabbing Hold Of The Future.Don T Miss FIRSTLIFE, Book 1 Of Gena Showalter S Action Packed, Romantic And Exhilarating New Series, The Everlife Novels

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    A MAD ZOMBIE PARTY was everything, guys Everything I wanted it to be and so much It was perfect My favorite by far and that s saying something because I m a die hard fan of this series It was just Showaltery.Before starting my review I just need to say something about this book that touched me on a deeper level Feel free to skip this part view spoiler I ve always known that Gena was a believer and that God was a big part of her life who she is and I ve always loved and respected that about her I do not talk about it because I m not here for that and because it s my personal life but I am also a believer, always have been I was raised in a Christian family and I ve read the Bible than once Actually, I was named after a biblical character So, yes, this book really touched me because I ve felt the presence of the Bible throughout my reading It was always there, in every word Gena wrote and I loved it Maybe I m a bit paranoid and Gena didn t write it with this idea in mind but it doesn t matter because it felt that way to me There were several times where I actually stopped reading and tried to remember a verse that made me think of what Gena was writing Crazy, right But it was just unbelievable, staggering, truly I am not going to write too much about this subject because I don t want my review to be only about this but, here are a few verses that I think are just perfect for this book, feel free to look them up 1 Corinthians 13 4 8 Hebrew 11 1 Ephesian...

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    You know what I ve always wondered When someone falls in love then that person they love dies and then they fall in love with someone elsewhen they re all in heavenhow does that work out One gets weekdays the o...

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    Review coming soon

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    PSA I m limited on time I can spend writing this review I will have a in depth review on The White Rabbit Chronicles going up on my youtube channel very soon YouTube Merina ReySo this book has me 100 shades of confused.I ll begin with saying I absolutely love Gena Showalter as an author and I absolutely loved the first three books of The White Rabbit Chronicles I ve loved all the characters from the get go With that being said, the 4th book of the series was my least favorite.Number one, I missed reading from Ali s POV Sure, I like Frosty, but he was never one of my favorite characters to begin with Secondly, I feel like and this is just my personal opinion this book discredited the first three books Especially in Frosty s situation Sure, you could write things off as a simple change of heart, but really That is one DRASTIC change of heart Then, there s the issue of Anima rising from the dust AGAIN These slayers Cole especially aren t amateurs, so why do they keep leaving the job unfinished I would ve much rather liked to seen something new as the villain, rather than same old boring and apparently invincible Anima Lastly, toward the ending, the book just became really unbelievable Some situations I wont name due to spoilers just made me face palm and be like c monnnn, it so would ve not went down that way in real life, Granted, there aren t zombies and zombie slayers in real life, but you get t...

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    4 1 2 stars.I ve got a lot to say about this one, but one thing s certain you can color me surprised I think that if I read this straight after The Queen of Zombie Hearts I would have rated it lower, but once I started reading this I realized how much I had been missing this series.I ll be honest, this series has mostly been a guilty pleasure read for me That s not a bad thing, it just means that some books are written for entertainment and not meant to be taken too seriously.That s what this series has provided for me pure entertainment It reminds me a bit of The Vampire Diaries one of my favorite tv shows, besides that godawful season 5 It s just plain fun that you don t expect to get invested, but before you know it you re bawling your eyes out over relationship drama true story I actually think this series would make a fantastic TV show.Now we have to take this into consideration this is not a continuation of Ali s story This is Frosty and Milla s story If you want of Ali this is not it This is sort of a standalone, separate from the series.In my opinion this book is an entirely different breed than the others The tone is much, much darker, and this is of a character story The plot takes a backseat This s...

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    Less Reality More Books spoilers for Queen of Zombie Hearts in this review, beware Re reading this book is just as mesmerising as the first time around This is definitely my favourite one of the series.The White Rabbit Chronicles books was one of those rare book series that I hadn t heard anything about, good or bad, but took me completely by surprise as it was so intoxicating and un putdown able It was originally a trilogy, but I was so happy when the author announced she was going to write a fourth book because I missed these characters so And A Mad Zombie Party fits in so perfectly with the rest of the series, even though it s a different POV, and is the perfect finale to the already perfect series.It was addicting from beginning to end I d read the first half in a day but forced myself to slow down so I could savour its awesomeness Showalter surpassed herself again with this wonderful addition I have to start reading her other series Anyway clears throat I digress The first three books focused on Ali and Cole and their hot and steamy romance as we had Frosty all lov...

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    3.5 starsI ve loved this series from the beginning and when I found out that there was going to be a another book, I was thrilled It took some time to get used to being in Frosty and Milla s heads They re similar in a lot of ways, so reading them figure things out was interesting There was a lot of push and pull which I hate , but the constant stubbornness was mildly amusing The best part of the other books is Ali s inner monologue and the banter between her and Cole Taking that away obviously makes for an entirely different tone to the story And while I enjoyed the overall story, I didn t love it as much as the other...

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    Do not read this if you haven t read the original series with Ally and Cole.Sigh I did love book 1 3 and it definitely was great to see the gang again but I really couldn t jump on the Frosty Milla bandwagon The fact that Kat was still around as a witness just made things too painful for me

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    Before starting my review of the book and of the series all together I have to say that, I still can t get over the fact that this series wasn t an Alice in Wonderland retelling with zombies .And now to the bookAs most of the books, I picked up this whole entire series before even starting reading book 1.Going through the series all the books are witten from Ali s POV Not Ali s and Cole s Not through a narrator Just 1st person Ali.Which when I opened this book only to find that the chapters were named Frosty or Milla and then the actuall book starting with Frosty s POV had me thinking that I picked out the wrong book.Maybe the last book rewritten from Frosty s and Camilla s POV instead of Ali s, but the original book that continues with Ali s POV somewhere out there Just not the one in my hands.But no No other book is out there This is actually it.So I have to ask Gena.I mean you can t just write all the books in a series in a first person telling from the protagonist then casually change it at the very last book ...

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