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[PDF / Epub] ⚣ Read Between My Lines: The Musical And Life Journey of Stevie Nicks ✈ Sandra Halliburton –

Read Between My Lines: The Musical And Life Journey of Stevie NicksWhether Giving Back Through Her Patriotism And Community Service, Touring With Fleetwood Mac Or Performing As A Solo Artist, Stevie Nicks Has Mesmerized Us For Over Thirty Years Her Life Story, With All Its Highs And Lows, Provides An Opportunity To Grow From Her Tremendous Strength, Persistence And Courage While Learning From The Challenges She Has Faced A Widely Revered Singer Songwriter, Stevie Is Adored By Multiple Generations Interpretation Of Her Songs Gives You A Look Inside Her Soul But Not Unless She Lets You On Stand Back From The Wild Heart, Stevie S Second Solo Album She Sings, No One Knows How I Feel What I Say Unless You Read Between My Lines Her Highly Personal Songwriting Tells The Story Stevie S Autobiographical Songs Serve As An Outlet For Coping With Pain And Personal Sacrifice Fans Have Credited Her With Literally Saving Their Lives

[PDF / Epub] ⚣ Read Between My Lines: The Musical And Life Journey of Stevie Nicks ✈ Sandra Halliburton –
  • Hardcover
  • 211 pages
  • Read Between My Lines: The Musical And Life Journey of Stevie Nicks
  • Sandra Halliburton
  • English
  • 12 October 2018
  • 9780978687007

    10 thoughts on “[PDF / Epub] ⚣ Read Between My Lines: The Musical And Life Journey of Stevie Nicks ✈ Sandra Halliburton –

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    This book walks you through the life and musical career of one of the most beloved female singer songwriters of our time The book is filled with great photographs and many quotes from Stevie and other members of Fleetwood Mac An enjoyable read for all Stevie Nicks fans.

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    I love Stevie s music Amazing concert in San Diego 2007 She sings better than when young with Fleetwood Mac A very revealing book about the lyrics of such songs as Rhiannon, Caged Bird and others If you love her, you will love knowing where all the lyrics came from Empowering woman.

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    I bought this book Read between my lines hoping to get to know of thismystical songbird incredible songwriter I remember buying the Fleetwood Macalbum Rumors I was not alone is buying this classic And hearing a voice that wasso unique and soul searching.I tried to see if she had written her autobiography, but, as she herself has said, shewanted to be older Also for all the famous people that her life was intertwined with, shesaid maybe 60, then maybe 70 Now maybe at age 90 she says no one would care whatshe says about them.This book s only draw back is that it is too short It mentions Stevie s battle with cocaine andthe drug klonopin, which was prescribed for her, as a replacement to overcome cocaine We readabout the one true love of her love, Lindsey Buckingham A love story for decades, but not fatedto be, because of musical differences personal issues.She tends to write about herself, her family friends Stevie has given back to charities,and to veterans Her heart is enormous, but she get hurt easily Stevie is a gothic fairy singer ecstatic dancerwho lets us enjoy her highs on stage.I was taken back in time when she appeared on the television show American Horror Story Coven.What a great role she played on this series The White Witch And She sang, her famous song Rhiannon Another songshe sang was Has anyone ever written anything for you One of the most heart touching of her manysongs At the end of this book,...

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    This is a quick read covering Nick s career from the road to joining Fleetwood Mac, through that and the reunions as well as her solo career up to the early 2000s There is enough personal info to please the Nicks adorer and a lot of Mac recording, personnel, and touring details for the Mac enthusiast.Like almost any famous rocker, she had her substance abuse issues Howe...

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    A fast read I enjoyed finding out about Stevie Nicks Would love to see a in depth biography I guess we wait for Ms Nicks account

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    I really enjoyed hearing about Stevie Nicks I m a real fan of her music and also of her, as an individual The highlights of the book were the stories about what inspired her songs It made me want to read other books about Stevie Nicks ...

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    Sorry to all of those who felt this was well written I felt that this was nothing than a fan book writing from newspaper magazine reports about her life While it may well be the best we can get about Stev...

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    This book is a great source for getting to know meaning behind Stevie s lyrics and things involving Fleetwood Mac I enjoyed her quotes from different interviews Still it s not quite exactly what I usually expect reading a biography boo...

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    A good read, with a lot of interviews cited, credible sources A bit repetitious Interesting to me how my interpretations of her songs have been exactly what she quotes, down to the multiple meanings Also, she was always a favorite singer, even when I was quite young, for be...

  10. says:

    Halliburton is obviously a devoted Nicks fan who has done a tremendous amount of research in writing this book.

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